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  1. 2007/05/10 RI-UHF-STRAP-08 - UHF Gen2 STRAP
• Meets EPCGlobal™ Gen2 (v. 1.0.9) and ISO/IEC 18000-6C
• 860 ~ 960 MHz Global Operating Frequency
• Supports Optional Gen2 Commands: Block Write and Block Erase
• 192-bit memory: 96-bit Electronic Product Code (EPC™), 32-bit Access Password, 32- bit KILL Password, 32-bit TID memory (Factory Programmed and Locked)
• Designed for High-performance, Low Power Consumption based on most Advanced Silicon Process Node for RFID (130 nm)
• Fast tag Singulation using most Advanced Anti-Collision Scheme
• Suitable for H-field and E-field operation
• RoHS Compliant

• Supply Chain Management & Distribution Logistics
• Express Parcel Delivery
• Airline Baggage Handling
• Asset Tagging

 Large retailers have issued mandates to their suppliers to ship cases and pallets of goods/products with RFID Smart Labels attached. TI’s Gen2 Straps are intended to simplify the manufacture of inlays for conversion into Smart Labels for various applications. The Straps are based on the EPCGlobal™ Gen2 specification (v. 1.0.9) and ISO/IEC 18000-6C
 TI’s Gen2 Straps operate with extremely low power and yet provide long read and write ranges, fast data transfer and high Smart Label throughput. A detailed description of the command set, memory and operation of the Strap is given in the UHF Gen2 Protocol reference Guide literature number 11-09-21-700)

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