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  1. 2008/07/15 AMS4122 - SINGLE 4A/DUAL 2A BUCK CONVERTER IN SO8
AMS4122 is a dual switching regulator capable to deliver 2A for each channel.
Internally Compensated internal Soft Start makes AMS4122 one of the simplest and easiest switching regulators to use with the minimum external components.
Each regulator has independent hiccup current limit.
The Enable pin turns both devices on when a voltage of 2.5V or higher it is applied to EN pin. Since both devices share one single package the thermal protection turns off both devices when the die temperature exceeds approximately 135°C.
Both regulators are adjustable using a 0.600V reference for low output voltage settings.
The oscillators are 180° phase to each other to reduce the ripples on the input power supply and minimize the power dissipation on the package.
The device can be easily configured for Two Phase single output switching regulator capable of 5A output load.
By applying a 2.5V or greater on feedback pin of the second switching regulator the device enters in Two Phase Mode.
The first benefit of having a Two Phase device is reducing the output ripples by a factor of four as the single phase.
The second benefit is higher output current capability at overall low cost. AMS4122 combined with AMS4123 (2A Switching Regulator + 1A LDO in SO-8) makes complete solution for LCD TV power requirements.

* 2 Independent Asynchronous Buck Converters in SO-8
* Internally compensated
* Built in soft start
* Enable with Zero current shut down
* 400KHz switching per output
* Interleaved oscillator to reduced supply ripple
* Simply re-configures to 2 phase single output
* Up to 4A output in 2 phase mode
* Independent hiccup current limit

* Audio Power Amplifiers
* Portable (Notebook) Computers
* Point of regulation for high performance electronics
* Consumer Electronics
* Desktop Computers
* LCD TVs and LCD monitors
* Distributed Power Systems
* Battery Chargers
* Pre-Regulator for Linear Regulators

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