* Ferrite core
* Winding: enamel copper wire
* Winding soldered to terminals
* Plastic terminal carrier

* High rated current
* Low DC resistance
* Suitable for reflow soldering

* Filtering of supply voltages
* Coupling / decoupling
* DC/DC converters
* Automotive electronics

* Tinned

Marking on component: Manufacturer, L value (in mH), date code
Minimum marking on reel: Manufacturer, part number, ordering code, L value and tolerance quantity, date of packing

Delivery mode
24–mm blister tape , reel packing
packaging quantity 500pcs/reel
TAG Power, SMT

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GP2S700HCP is a compact-package, phototransistor output, reflective photointerrupter, with emitter and detector facing the same direction in a molding that provides non-contact sensing. The compact package series is a result of unique technology, combing transfer and injection molding, that also blocks visible light to minimize false detection.

This device has a long focal distance for this family of devices and has a leadless (T&R) package, suitable for refl ow soldering.

1. Refl ective with Phototransistor Output
2. Highlights :
• Compact Size
• Surface Mount Type (SMT), refl ow soldering
• Tape and Reel (T&R) 1 000 pcs per reel
3. Key Parameters :
• Optimal Sensing Distance : 3mm
• Package : 4×3×2mm
• Visible light cut resin to prevent
4. Lead free and RoHS directive compliant

Agency approvals/Compliance

1. Compliant with RoHS directive


1. Detection of object presence or motion.
2. Example : printer, optical storage

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