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  1. 2008/07/07 SI9243EY - Single-Ended Bus Transceiver
The Si9243EY is a monolithic bus transceiver designed to provide bidirectional serial communication in automotive diagnostic applications.
The device incorporates protection against overvoltages and short circuits to GND or VB.
The transceiver pin is protected and can be driven beyond the VBAT voltage.
The Si9243EY contains temperature and short circuit fault detection circuits.
In the transmit mode, load shorts and opens are generally detected by the processor
monitoring RXK and TX.
When the two mirror each other there is no fault, but the Si9243EY will turn off the K output in the event of over temperature or short circuit to VBAT to protect the IC.
The fault will be reset when TX toggles “high.”
TX is set “high” for receive only.
The RX output is capable of driving CMOS or 1 X LSTTL load.
The Si9243EY is built on the Siliconix BiC/DMOS process.
This process supports bipolar transistors, CMOS, and DMOS. An epitaxial layer prevents latchup.
The Si9243EY is available in a 8-pin SO package and operates over the automotive temperature range (–40 to 125C).

* Single-Ended Transceiver
* Survives Shorts and Transients on Automotive Bus
* Wide Power Supply Voltage Range
* Fault Detection
* ISO 9141 Compatible

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