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  1. 2009/06/03 K2201G - Teccor brand Thyristors Multipulse SIDACs
The Multipulse™ SIDAC is a voltage switch used in Metal-Halide lamp ignition circuits as well as High Pressure Sodium lamp ignition circuits for outdoor street and area lighting. This robust solid state switch is designed to handle lamp igniter applications requiring operation at ambient temperatures up to 90°C where igniter circuit components can raise SIDAC junction temperature up to 125°C, especially when the lamp element is removed or ruptured. Its excellent commutation time (tCOMM) makes this robust product best suited for producing multiple pulses in each half cycle of 50/60 Hz line voltage. The Multipulse™ SIDAC is offered in DO-15 axial leaded package.
Kxxx1G SIDAC has a repetitive off-state blocking voltage (VDRM) of 180V to 270V minimum depending actual device type. Blocking capability is ensured by glass passivated junctions for best reliability. Package is epoxy encapsulation with tin-plated copper alloy leads.

*AC circuit oriendted
*RoHS Compliant
*Triggering Voltage of 200 to 380V

Typical application circuit presented in Figure 10 of this data sheet (Typical Metal Halide Ignitor Circuit).

K2201G, K2401G, K2501G, K3601G, K2201G, K2401G, K2501G, K3601G

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