The RA30H0608M is a 30-watt RF MOSFET Amplifier Module for 12.5-volt mobile radios that operate in the 66- to 88-MHz range. The battery can be connected directly to the drain of the enhancement-mode MOSFET transistors. Without the gate voltage (VGG=0V), only a small leakage current flows into the drain and the RF input signal attenuates up to 60 dB. The output power and drain current increase as the gate voltage increases. With a gate voltage around 3V (minimum), output power and drain current increases substantially. The nominal output power becomes available at 4V (typical) and 5V (maximum). At VGG=5V, the typical gate current is 1 mA. This module is designed for non-linear FM modulation, but may also be used for linear modulation by setting the drain quiescent current with the gate voltage and controlling the output power with the input power.

• Enhancement-Mode MOSFET Transistors (IDD≅0 @ VDD=12.5V, VGG=0V)
• Pout>30W, ηT>40% @ VDD=12.5V, VGG=5V, Pin=50mW
• Broadband Frequency Range: 66-88MHz
• Low-Power Control Current IGG=1mA (typ) at VGG=5V
• Module Size: 66 x 21 x 9.88 mm
• Linear operation is possible by setting the quiescent drain current with the gate voltage and controlling the output power with the input power

• RA30H0608M-101 is a RoHS compliant products.
• RoHS compliance is indicate by the letter “G” after the Lot Marking.
• This product include the lead in the Glass of electronic parts and the lead in electronic Ceramic parts.
How ever, it applicable to the following exceptions of RoHS Directions.
1.Lead in the Glass of a cathode-ray tube, electronic parts, and fluorescent tubes.
2.Lead in electronic Ceramic parts.


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