The SN54/74LS196 decade counter is partitioned into divide-by-two and divide-by-five sections which can be combined to count either in BCD (8, 4, 2, 1) sequence or in a bi-quinary mode producing a 50% duty cycle output. The SN54/74LS197 contains divide-by-two and divide-by-eight sections which can be combined to form a modulo-16 binary counter. Low Power Schottky technology is used to achieve typical count rates of 70 MHz and power dissipation of only 80 mW.
Both circuit types have a Master Reset (MR) input which overrides all other inputs and asynchronously forces all outputs LOW. A Parallel Load input (PL) overrides clocked operations and asynchronously loads the data on the Parallel Data inputs (Pn) into the flip-flops. This preset feature makes the circuits usable as programmable counters. The circuits can also be used as 4-bit latches, loading data from the Parallel Data inputs when PL is LOW and storing the data when PL is HIGH.

*Low Power Consumption — Typically 80 mW
*High Counting Rates — Typically 70 MHz
*Choice of Counting Modes — BCD, Bi-Quinary, Binary
*Asynchronous Presettable
*Asynchronous Master Reset
*Easy Multistage Cascading
*Input Clamp Diodes Limit High Speed Termination Effects

SN74LS196, SN54LS197, SN74LS197

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*Glass passivated junction chip
*High maximum operating temperature
*Low leakage current
*Excellent stability
*Smallest surface mount rectifier outline
*Pb / RoHS Free

*Case : SMA Molded plastic
*Epoxy : UL94V-O rate flame retardant
*Lead : Lead Formed for Surface Mount
*Polarity : Color band denotes cathode end
*Mounting position : Any
*Weight : 0.067 gram

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The S-T111 Series is a positive voltage regulator with a low dropout voltage, high output voltage accuracy, and low current consumption developed based on CMOS technology.
A built-in low on-resistance transistor provides a low dropout voltage and large output current, and a builtin overcurrent protector prevents the load current from exceeding the current capacitance of the output transistor.
An ON/OFF circuit ensures a long battery life.
Compared with the voltage regulators using the conventional CMOS process, a larger variety of capacitors are available, including small ceramic capacitors.
A small SOT-23-5 package realizes highdensity mounting.

• Output voltage: 1.5 V to 5.5 V, selectable in 0.1 V steps.
• High-accuracy output voltage: ±1.0%
• Low dropout voltage: 190 mV typ. (3.0 V output product, IOUT = 100 mA)
• Low current consumption: During operation: 50 μA typ., 90 μA max.
                                        During shutdown: 0.1 μA typ., 1.0 μA max.
• High peak current capability: 150 mA output is possible (at VIN ≥ VOUT(S) + 1.0 V)*1
• Built-in ON/OFF circuit: Ensures long battery life.
• Low ESR capacitor can be used: A ceramic capacitor of 0.1 μF or more can be used for the output capacitor.
• High ripple rejection: 80 dB typ. (at 1.0 kHz)
• Built-in overcurrent protector: Overcurrent of output transistor can be restricted.
• Small package: SOT-23-5
• Lead-free products
*1. Attention should be paid to the power dissipation of the package when the output current is large.

• Power supply for battery-powered devices
• Power supply for personal communication devices
• Power supply for home electric/electronic appliances
• Power supply for cellular phones

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The MC14024B is a 7−stage ripple counter with short propagation delays and high maximum clock rates. The Reset input has standard noise immunity, however the Clock input has increased noise immunity due to Hysteresis. The output of each counter stage is buffered.

• Diode Protection on All Inputs
• Output Transitions Occur on the Falling Edge of the Clock Pulse
• Supply Voltage Range = 3.0 Vdc to 18 Vdc
• Capable of Driving Two Low−power TTL Loads or One Low−power Schottky TTL Load Over the Rated Temperature Range
• Pin−for−Pin Replacement for CD4024B
• Pb−Free Packages are Available

MC14024BCP MC14024BCPG MC14024BD MC14024BDG MC14024BDR2 MC14024BDR2G

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General Description
The CD4020BM/CD4020BC, CD4060BM/CD4060BC are 14-stage ripple carry binary counters, and the CD4040BM/ CD4040BC is a 12-stage ripple carry binary counter. The counters are advanced one count on the negative transition of each clock pulse. The counters are reset to the zero state by a logical ``1'' at the reset input independent of clock.

ㅁ Wide supply voltage range 1.0V to 15V
ㅁ High noise immunity 0.45 VDD (typ.)
ㅁ Low power TTL Fan out of 2 driving 74L
   compatibility or 1 driving 74LS
ㅁ Medium speed operation 8 MHz typ. at VDD e 10V
ㅁ Schmitt trigger clock input

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