The FIN212AC μSerDes™ is a low-power serializer / deserializer optimized for use in cell phone displays and camera paths. The device reduces a 12-bit data path to four wires. The device can be configured as a serializer or deserializer through the DIRI pin, minimizing
component types in the system. For camera applications, an additional master clock can be passed in the opposite direction of data flow.
The device utilizes Fairchild’s proprietary ultra-low power, low-EMI technology. LV-CMOS parallel output buffers have been implemented with slew rate control to adjust for capacitive loading and to minimize EMI. The device also supports an ultra-low power-down mode for
conserving power in battery-operated applications.
The device is available in a 5x5mm MLP package to attach directly to a flex circuit, or in two choices of BGA, where space constraints are a concern.

*Low Power Consumption
*Low Power, Proprietary, CTL™ I/O Serial Interface
*Wide PLL Input Frequency Range
*Wide Parallel Supply Voltage Range: 1.65 to 3.6V
*Low Power Core Operation: VDDS/A=2.5 to 3.6V
*Built-in LV-CMOS Voltage Translation Capability with no External Components
*Adjustable Parallel Edge Rate
*Operates as Serializer or Deserializer
*Standby Power-Down Mode Support
*Built-in Differential Termination

*8-Bit LCD Displays for Cell Phones
*8/10-Bit Cell Phone Camera Interface
*8-Bit LCD Displays for Printers


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