•Nonvolatile Storage without Battery Problems
•Directly Replaces 8K x 8 Static RAM, Battery- Backed RAM or EEPROM
•25ns, 35ns and 45ns Access Times
•STORE to Nonvolatile Elements Initiated by Software or AutoStore™ on Power Down
•RECALL to SRAM Initiated by Software or Power Restore
•10mA Typical ICC at 200ns Cycle Time
•Unlimited READ, WRITE and RECALL Cycles
•1,000,000 STORE Cycles to Nonvolatile Elements
•100-Year Data Retention over Full Industrial Temperature Range
•No Data Loss from Undershoot
•Commercial and Industrial Temperatures
•28-Pin 600 or 300 mil PDIP and 350 mil SOIC Packages

The STK15C68 is a fast SRAM with a nonvolatile element incorporated in each static memory cell. The SRAM can be read and written an unlimited number of times, while independent nonvolatile data resides in Nonvolatile Elements. Data transfers from the SRAM to the Nonvolatile Elements (the STORE operation) can take place automatically on power down using charge stored in system capacitance. Transfers from the Nonvolatile Elements to the SRAM (the RECALL operation) take place automatically on restoration of power. Initiation of STORE and RECALL cycles can also be controlled by entering control sequences on the SRAMinputs. The STK15C68 is pin-compatible with 8k x 8 SRAMs and battery-backed SRAMs, allowing direct substitution while enhancing performance. A similar device (STK16C68) with an internally integrated capacitor is available for systems with very fast slew rates. The STK12C68, which uses an external capacitor, is an alternative for these applications.


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