Designed and manufactured in the USA, the CX9V quartz crystal is available in frequencies from 32 kHz to 160 kHz. Using micro-machining processes, this surface-mountable crystal is hermetically sealed within a ultra-miniature ceramic package to ensure high stability and low aging. Tight calibration and high frequency/temperature stability make the CX9V ideally suited for all low frequency applications.

* Ultra-miniature, surface mount design (4.1mm x 1.5mm)
* Low profile (typically 0.80mm)
* Available with glass or ceramic lid
* Hermetically sealed ceramic package
* High shock and vibration survival
* Excellent aging characteristics
* Designed for low power applications
* Full military testing available
* Designed and manufactured in the USA

* Pacemaker, defibrillator, and other implantables
* Medical instruments
Industrial, Computer, & Communications
* Smart card
* Down hole instrumentation
* Transponder / Animal migration
* Process instrumentation
Military & Aerospace
* Airborne hybrid
* Navigational computer
* Real time clock

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