This IC is a video signal driver IC that supports 3-ch interlace video developed for DVD players.
It includes a low-pass filter that attenuates the noise element during DA conversion, and a 3-channel 6dB amp with 75Ω driver.
In addition, external ESD protection diodes can be reduced by a sag correction pin for reducing output coupling capacitance, and enhancement ot the ESD protection elements for the output pins.

* Includes a SAG correction pin.
* Enabled to drive a 3-channel 6dB amp with 75Ω driver
* Includes a 4th-order low-pass filter Frequency response: 6.75MHz ± 1dB / 27MHz – 27dB min.
* Includes a 6dB amp
* Includes a power save function
* S/N=80dB typ. (Y/C mix:74dB typ.)
* ESD strengh (aerial discharge) of ±15kV (IEC standard)
* Includes mode select pins which correspond to various video signals

* DVD players
* Digital STB
* Other digital video equipment

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*32-Bit RISC Processor, supported by RTOS, C/C++ compilers
*32-bit DSP capable of AC-3, MPEG, DTS, MP3, and WMA
*Progressive Scan (480p) with 3:2 pull down support or Interlaced (PAL/NTSC) video encoding, both modes with Macrovision encoding, via three 10-bit Video DACs
*Serial DVD data interface for direct connection to low cost (track buffer-less) DVD loader
*Flexible interface connects ATAPI, local bus or microcontroller-less DVD loaders without external logic
*MPEG decoder supports VCD, VCD 3.0, SVCD, DVD video standards
*Advanced subpicture unit handles DVD and SVCD, and PAL<->NTSC scaling
*High quality video scaling for zoom and NTSC/PAL conversion
*4-bit multi-region OSD and special video effects
*Simultaneous 8 channels PCM audio output and IEC-958.
*2-Channel PCM audio input for high-end karaoke applications
*Three serial control/status ports
*Low-power, ~0.5 W power dissipation

 Building on innovative, market-leading technology, Cirrus Logic presents the most complete DVD processor solution available: CS98100. The CS98100 provides the highperformance typical of Cirrus Logic integrated circuits, and on-chip integration that allows for seamless integration of functions. Among the integrated functions in this system-on-chip architecture is a high quality NTSC/PAL encoder with a triple 10-bit video DAC, allowing for a significant decrease in system cost.
 Not only is the CS98100 equipped with an intuitive onscreen display and user interface, but the CS98100 also offers progressive output, DTS decoding, HDCD support, and MP3 plus WMA decoding. Other advanced features include karaoke down-mix. The low cost extended feature set makes the CS98100 ideal for both low-end and high-end system manufacturers.


CS98100-CM 0° to 70° C 208-pin MQFP


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