This 5 V HCMOS integrated circuit is intended primarily for application in three-phase, sinusoidally commutated brushless motor, induction motor, AC servomotor or UPS PWM modulator control systems. It injects the required deadtime to convert a single phase leg PWM command into the two separate logic signals required to drive the upper and lower semiconductor switches in a PWM inverter. It also provides facilities for output disable and fast overcurrent and fault condition shutdown.
In the IXDP630, deadtime programming is achieved by an internal RC oscillator. In the IXDP631, programming is achieved by use of a crystal oscillator. An alternative for both the IXDP630/631 is with an external clock signal. Because of its flexibility, the IXDP630/631 is easily utilized in a variety of brushed DC, trapezoidally commutated brushless DC, hybrid and variable reluctance step and other more exotic PWM motor drive power and control circuit designs.

*5 V HCMOS logic implementation maintains low power at high speed
*Schmitt trigger inputs and CMOS logic levels improve noise immunity
*Simultaneously injects equal deadtime in up to three output phases
*Replaces 10-12 standard SSI/MSI logic devices
*Allows a wide range of PWM modulation strategies
*Directly drives high speed optocouplers

*1- and 3- Phase Motion Controls
*1- and 3- Phase UPS Systems
*General Power Conversion Circuits
*Pulse Timing and Waveform Generation
*General Purpose Delay and Filter
*General Purpose Three Channel "One Shot"


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