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  1. 2007/12/08 CYT2606L - PFM Step-Up DC-DC Converter

General Description
The CYT2606L Series are PFM step-up DC-DC converters with very low ripple noise due to the high operation frequency. The maximum operation frequency is 400KHz.
Only three components are required to realize the conversion from the battery voltage to a selected output voltage.
A driver pin (EXT) is provided for driving external power transistor to extend the output current capability where large current is required.
Enable pin (EN) is also provided so that the circuit can be powered down.

*  400KHz Maximum Operation Frequency
*  2.0V to 5.0V Output Voltage With 0.1V Step
*  Low Start-up Voltage: 0.8V at 1mA
*  2% Output Voltage Accuracy
*  Up to 88% Efficiency
*  Output current: 300mA at 2.5V input, 3.3V output
*  Low Ripple and Low Noise
*  Output Current Extendable by External Switch

*  Power source for applications where a higher voltage than the battery voltage is required
*  One to three cell battery devices
*  Power source for cameras, camcorders, VCRs, PDAs, pagers and hand held communication instrument



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