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  1. 2009/01/09 MB39A104 - 2-ch DC/DC Converter IC with Overcurrent Protection
The MB39A104 is a 2-channel DC/DC converter IC using pulse width modulation (PWM), incorporating an overcurrent protection circuit (requiring no current sense resistor). This IC is ideal for down conversion.
Operating at high frequency reduces the value of coil.
This is ideal for built-in power supply such as LCD monitors and ADSL.
This product is covered by US Patent Number 6,147,477.

*Built-in timer-latch overcurrent protection circuit (requiring no current sense resistor)
*Power supply voltage range : 7 V to 19 V
*Reference voltage : 5.0 V ± 1 %
*Error amplifier threshold voltage : 1.24 V ± 1 %
*High-frequency operation capability : 1.5 MHz (Max)
*Built-in standby function: 0 μA (Typ)
*Built-in soft-start circuit independent of loads
*Built-in totem-pole type output for P-ch MOS FET
*One type of package (SSOP-24 pin : 1 type)

*LCD monitor/panel
*IP phone
*Video capture etc.


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