The CS4161 is a Stepper Motor Driver that implements an H–Bridge design in order to drive two coils in an eight step sequence per revolution in the divide by 1 mode; 16 step sequence in the divide by 2 mode. The H–Bridge is capable of delivering 85 mA to the load.

 The sequencer insures that the odometer is monotonic. This sequencer is configured such that simultaneous conduction does not occur. Before each successive output sequence the part is taken through a state where both outputs are turned off individually. This tends to minimize the inductive kick back energy that the part must absorb. On chip clamp diodes are across each output to protect the part from the kick back energy that it must absorb.

 The CS4161 includes overvoltage and short circuit protection circuitry. It is lead for lead compatible with the CS8441. The CS4161 includes an additional undervoltage lockout (UVLO) function which disables the output stage until the supply voltage rises above 5.6 V, typically. The UVLO has hysteresis to prevent any power up glitching.

• Undervoltage Lockout
• Cross–Conduction Prevention Logic
• Divide by 1 and Divide by 2 Modes
• Guaranteed Monotonic
• On–Chip Flyback Diodes
• Fault Protection
– Overvoltage
– Load Dump Protection to 60 V


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