The PI3V341 is a true bi-directional 3-Port 4:1 multiplexer/demultiplexer with Hi-Z outputs that is recommended for both RGB and composite video switching applications. With the increased 4:1 channels, multiple components, such as VCR, DVD, PC1, PC2 and etc. can be put on the video networks. The VideoSwitch can be driven from a current output RAMDAC or voltage output composite video source.
Low On-Resistance, Low Crosstalk, Low OFF Isolation and wide bandwidth features make it ideal for video and other applications. Industry leading advantages include a near zero propagation delay, resulting from its low channel resistance and I/O capacitance. The switch is bi-directional and offers little or no attenuation of the high-speed signals at the outputs. The device also has exceptional high current capability which is far greater than most analog switches offered today. The PI3V341 offers a high-performance (375 MHz), low-cost solution to switch between video sources.
The PI3V341/-A is an enhanced solution w/ enhanced ESD protection support, up to 8kV contact.

*Near-Zero propagation delay
*5Ω switches connect inputs to outputs
*High signal passing bandwidth (375MHz)
*Beyond Rail-to-Rail switching
*5V I/O tolerant with 3.3V supply
*2.5V and 3.3V supply voltage operation
*Hot insertion capable (non '-A' part only)
*Low Crosstalk (XTALK = -60dB Typ.)
*Low Off-Isolation (OIRR = -60db Typ.)
*Industrial operating temperature: -40ºC to +85ºC
*ESD Protection
-PI3V341: I/O pins only have 3kV contact protection
-PI3V341-A: I/O pins only have 8kV contact protection
*Latch-up performance >250mA per JESD17
*Packaging (Pb-free & greeen available)
-24-Pin QSOP (Q)
-24-Pin TSSOP (L)

*Projection TV and LCD TV
*Video consumer applications
*Analog video signal processing

PI3V341QE, PI3V341LE, PI3V341-AQE, PI3V341-ALE

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