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  1. 2006/12/22 MAX5166 - 32-Channel Sample/Hold Amplifier with Four Multiplexed Inputs
General Description
The MAX5166 contains four 1-to-8 multiplexers and 32 sample/hold amplifiers. The sample/hold amplifiers are organized into four octal sample/holds with separate inputs and independent TTL/CMOS-compatible hold enables for each octal set. Additional 3-bit TTL/CMOScompatible address logic selects the 1-to-8 multiplexer channel. The MAX5166 is available with an output impedance of 50Ω, 500Ω, or 1kΩ, allowing output filtering. The MAX5166 operates with +10V and -5V supplies, and a separate +5V digital logic supply. Manufactured with a proprietary BiCMOS process, it provides high accuracy, fast acquisition time, low droop rate, and a low hold step. The device acquires 8V step input signals to 0.01% accuracy in 2.5μs. Transitions from sample mode to hold mode result in only 0.5mV of error. While in hold mode, the output voltage slowly droops at a rate of 1mV/sec. The MAX5166 is available in a 48-pin TQFP package.

Automatic Test Systems (ATE)
Industrial Process Controls
Arbitrary Function Generators
Avionics Equipment

ㅁQuad, 8-Channel Sample/Hold
ㅁ0.01% Accuracy of Acquired Signal
ㅁ0.01% Linearity Error
ㅁFast Acquisition Time: 2.5μs
ㅁLow Droop Rate: 1mV/sec
ㅁLow Hold Step: 0.25mV
ㅁWide Output Voltage Range: +7V to -4V


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