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  1. 2009/06/05 ZR36432 - Portable Multimedia Player/Recorder
The Zplayer Ultra reference design is a multimedia record and playback device featuring a built in 20, 30 or 40GByte hard disk, SD-card interface and USB2.0 High Speed and Full Speed connectivity to a PC or USB mass storage device. Audio or video data can be uploaded via USB to the local hard disc or SD-card. The SD-card contains pre-recorded data in MPEG-4, JPEG or MP3 format. Audio and Video data is output to a LCD or to a TV. MP3 files play through headphones.
Zplayer Ultra is based on the Zoran Zmedia chip (ZR36070) which uses a MPEG-4 codec for video, a JPEG codec for still images, and a MPEG1L2 codec for audio. Additionally, the Zmedia chips decodes MP3 audio files. It has a a built-in USB controller for host and slave mode and SD-card interface. Zplayer Ultra is part of a family of versatile multimedia products based on the Zmedia chip.

*Recording and playback device for audio (MPEG1L2), video (MPEG4), and still image (JPEG) file formats plus MP3 playback
*Zplayer Ultra is based on Zoran's leading edge Zmedia chip technology
*Video can be played if encoded in MPEG-4 (Adv. Simple Profile/Simple Profile) or JPEG format, still images are encoded as JPEG files
*Video resolution for NTSC/PAL is VGA size (640x480) at full frame rate
*Audio accompanying the video has to be encoded in MPEG-1L2 or PCM. Standard MP3 files (audio only) can be played, too
*Files can be converted on the PC from most formats into MPEG-4, JPEG or MP3
*JPEG files created on DSCs can be watched directly without conversion
*The Zplayer Ultra acts like a mass storage device when connected to the PC
*Fully backwards compatible with all existing USB 1.1 devices for file uploads or downloads
*Simple Start/Stop/Next/Previous navigation available as stand-alone playback device
*Very intuitive and user friendly graphical user interface, easily customizable to manufacturer's needs
*Device can interface with an infrared remote control
*Lithion Ion battery powered in stand alone mode
*Standard 5V power supply for charging and externally powered operations
*Basic manufacturing kit to support mass production
*Comprehensive PC Windows / Mac OS X application to handle the transcoding and downloading of user files to the PMP and PC
*PC application supports internet access to buy and download commercial content
*Integrated security module on Zplayer Ultra to handle playback of DRM-protected commercial content

*Record and playback of audio and video files from MPEG-4 or JPEG clips on built-in high quality LCD screen or to a TV
*Watch still images shot using a digital still camera (DSC) on your TV
*Playback audio MP3 files via headphones while traveling
*Portable video recorder using analog a/v inputs
*Easy conversion from all file formats playable by Windows Media Player into Zplayer Ultra supported formats

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