The 16-bit wide UT54ACS164245S MultiPurpose transceiver is built using UTMC’s Commercial RadHardTM epitaxial CMOS technology and is ideal for space applications. This high speed, low power UT54ACS164245S transceiver is designed to perform multiple functions including: asynchronous two-way communication, signal buffering, voltage translation, and cold sparing. With VDD equal to zero volts, the UT54ACS164245S outputs and inputs present a minimum impedance of 1MW making it ideal for "cold spare" applications. Balanced outputs and low "on" output impedance make the UT54ACS164245S well suited for driving high capacitance loads and low impedance backplanes. The UT54ACS164245S enables system designers to interface 3.3 volt CMOS compatible components with 5 volt CMOS components. For voltage translation, the A port interfaces with the 3.3 volt bus; the B port interfaces with the 5 volt bus. The direction control (DIRx) controls the direction of data flow. The output enable (OEx) overrides the direction control and disables both ports. These signals can be driven from either port A or B. The direction and output enable controls operate these devices as either two independent 8-bit transceivers or one 16-bit transceiver.

*Voltage translation
-5V bus to 3.3V bus
-3.3V bus to 5V bus
*Cold sparing
-1MW minimum input impedance power-off
*0.6mm Commercial RadHardTM CMOS
-Total dose: 100K rad(Si)
-Single Event Latchup immune
*High speed, low power consumption
*Schmitt trigger inputs to filter noisy signals
*Available QML Q or V processes
*Standard Microcircuit Drawing 5962-98580
-48-lead flatpack, 25 mil pitch (.390 x .640)

UT54ACS164245SCC, UT54ACS164245SPC, UT54ACS164245SWC

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