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• Fifth generation of StrataSwitch® and StrataXGS® product line
• Four 12-Gbps or 10-Gbps HiGig+ port uplink interfaces
• The BCM56511 device, is a powerful, highly-integrated member of the scalable StrataXGS III product family.
• 2.5 Gbps, 3 Gbps, 10 Gbps, or 12 Gbps HiGig+ stacking ports
• Four 10-GbE switching ports with CX4 support
• Line-rate switching for all packet sizes and conditions
• On-chip data packet memory and table memory
• IPv6 routing and tunneling
• Advanced ContentAware™ classification Filtering Processors (FP)
• Advanced security features in hardware
• Port-trunking and mirroring supported across stack
• Advanced packet flow control:
• Head-of-line blocking prevention
• Back pressure support
• Eight QoS queues per port with hierarchical minimum/ maximum shaping per Classes of Service (CoS) per queue per port
• Standard compliant 802.1ad provider bridging
• Compatible with BCM5708S, the industry's first 2.5-Gbps SerDes-based ToE solution.

• Highly scalable BroadScale™ architecture evolved from five generations of switching experience provides rich features, scalability, and future proof solutions.
• Optimized for secure switching and convergence of wired and wireless applications and services in networks
• Virtual chassis support with industry-leading high performance and feature rich stacking capabilities
• System vendors can build scalable high-performance, high-port density GbE LAN switches in several form factors.
• Multiple CoS and low latency enable the support of VoIP and triple play services.
• Built-in high-speed serial interfaces with Broadcom-unique SerDes technology ease and accelerate system design while reducing cost and conserving board space.
• Broadcom switch API compatibility enables software reuse and faster time-to-market.
• Small package and low power enables cost-effective and highperformance system design.

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