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  1. 2009/07/10 PST38XXU - IC for CMOS System Reset Monolithic IC
This open drain output system reset IC, developed using the CMOS process. Super low consumption current of 1.0μA typ. (PST3810 ~ PST3819) has been achieved through use of the CMOS process. Also, detection voltage is high precision detection of ±2%.

*Super low consumption current 1.0μA typ. (when VDD = (-VDET) + 2.0V) PST3810 ~ PST3819
*High precision detection voltage ±2%
*Operating range 0.7 ~ 10V
*Wide operating temperature range -30 ~ +85°C
*Detection voltage 0.9 ~ 6.0V (0.1V step)

*Microcomputer, CPU, MPU reset circuits
*Logic circuit reset circuits
*Battery voltage check circuits
*Back-up circuit switching circuits
*Level detection circuits

PST3809, PST3810, PST3811, PST3812, PST3813, PST3814, PST3815, PST3816

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