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  1. 2009/10/07 MMA6222AEG - Analog Dual Axis Micromachined Accelerometer
The MMA62XXAEG series of dual axis (X and Y) silicon capacitive, micromachined accelerometers features a full digital signal processing for filtering, trim and data formatting. It has been optimized for analog output and offers an over-damped transducer.

*Available in ±20/20g, ±50/50g, or ±100/100g versions. Additional g-ranges between 20 and 100g may be available upon request
*Full-scale range is independently specified for each axis
*400 Hz, 4 Pole, 16 μs sample time, additional filter options are available
*Ratiometric analog voltage output
*Capture/hold input for system-wide synchronization support
*3.3 or 5 V single supply operation
*On-chip temperature sensor and voltage regulator
*Internal self-test
*Minimal external component requirements
*Pb-free 20-pin SOIC package
*Automotive AEC -Q100 qualified

Typical Applications
*Crash detection (Airbag)
*Impact and vibration monitoring
*Shock detection

MMA6255AEG, MMA621010AEG, MMA6222AEGR2, MMA6255AEGR2

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