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 SPHE8281D A/V decoder is a single-chip integrated DVD A/V decoder.
It is designed to maximize system performance with minimum cost.
It integrates DVD/CD controller, host processor, A/V decoding hardware, audio quality DAC and a 6-channel multi-format TV-encoder.
SPHE8281D supports DVD and CD physical formats.
For logical formats it supports DVD-Video, Super Video CD, Video CD, CD-DA, OKO, and CD-ROM discs.
SPHE8281D performs real-time decoding and playback of ISO/IEC 11172 MPEG1, 13818 MPEG2 sources.
Besides MPEG A/V decoding, it supports Dolby Digital and MPEGI/II Layer1/2, PCM, LPCM audio playback.
SPHE8281D also combines all the functions required for a high-performance progressive-scan DVD system.
Built-in de-interlacing hardware allows high quality DVD playback.
The embedded digital audio decoder is able to support key control and audio sound effects for Karaoke.
Development tools of SPHE8281D include complete compiler tools, programming guide and system application libraries.

* Single Chip Integrated DVD Servo and A/V Decoder
* Integrated DVD/CD Servo Controller
- Support 1x ~ 2x DVD format reading
- Support 1x ~ 8x CD format reading
* Embedded 32-bit RISC Processor without external host controller
* Embedded Audio Processor supports multiple audio standards
* Embedded 8-bit I/O processor supports programmable interface control
* Embedded TV encoder with multi-channel built-in high-speed video DAC supports various display standards
* Embedded 2-channel 24-bit audio DAC
* Built-in system PLL and audio PLL generate all clock sources required from single 27MHz crystal input
* Support following disc format:
- DVD Navigation 1.0
- SVCD (Chaoji VCD)
- OKO disc
- VCD 2.0/1.1/1.0
- CDROM (game, WMA and JPEG disc)
* CSS/CPPM hardware
- Built-in CSS hardware
- Built-in CPPM C2_DCBC and C2_D/C2_E function
* Video Decoder
- Real time MPEG2 MP@ML decoding
- Real time MPEG4 ASP D1 resolution decoding
- Real time MPEG1 D1 (720x480x30 /720x576x25) decoding
- DivX 3.11, 4.0 and 5.x version compatible
- Hardware accelerated JPEG decoding
- Advanced decoding and display control
* Sub-picture Decoder
- Advanced Sub-Picture Decoder for DVD SVCD and OKO
- Support hardware vertical scaling
* Audio Decoder
- Flexible Programmable DSP Architecture
- Support CDDA
- Support LPCM, PCM, and WMATM 1 playback
- Support MPEGI/II layer 1/2 and MPEG 2.5 playback (with optional down-mixing)
- Support DolbyTM 2 Digital AC3 playback
- Support Key Shift of 2 channels
- Support equalization, reverb and special sound field
* SDRAM controller
- High Performance SDRAM controller
- Support 16 or 32 bit operation
- Support up to 2 SDRAM devices
- Support 16M/64M SDRAM devices
* Video Display
- De-interlacing of interlaced video source
- Flexible vertical interpolation
- Flexible horizontal interpolation with optional CIF filter
- Powerful cropping and panning effect
- Support YUV422, 8-bit indexed color format
- Multiple OSD regions with different formats
- Support 2/4/16 indexed color
- Support 16/24-bit direct color
* Embedded TV encoder
- Simultaneous multi-channel output
- Support 480i/480p/576i/576p format
- Support CVBS and S-Video output
- Support Component (YUV / YPbPr) or SCART-RGB output
- Support WSS and CGMS/A
- MacrovisionTM 3 7.1.D1 and Macrovision AGC v1.03 analog copy protection
* Interface
- 27MHz crystal driver
- 16/32-bit SDRAM interface
- 8-bit ROM/FLASH/SRAM interface
- One UART port
- IR and VFD support
- 4-channel 12-bit video DAC analog output
- Simultaneous 8-channel audio DAC output
- IEC958/SPDIF digital input / output
- 2-channel 24-bit audio DAC analog output
- External ADC digital input interface (optional)
- Optional ATAPI and I2S interface support
- Optional Parallel Port interface support
* Low power
- Advanced low power design
- Selective standby mode
- Programmable low speed operation
* Technology
- Advanced CMOS technology
- 216-pin LQFP package
- 3v (I/O) and 1.8v (kernel) power supplies
- 5v I/O tolerance


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