The HA16148PS is an IC with a high-voltage power MOS FET and current-mode type PWM controller mounted in a DILP-8 (DP-8) standard package, suitable for low-power power supplies in the 10 W class and below.
 The HA16148PS includes an energy-saving mode for holding down power consumption when on standby (no load). When the energy-saving mode is entered, the operating frequency is reduced to 1/4 the normal frequency, reducing power consumption. A starter circuit is also provided on-chip, eliminating the need for the external start-up resistance needed with previous controller ICs. The starter circuit in this IC is turned off automatically after the IC starts up, enabling the start-up resistance power consumption to be decreased.

 The HA16148PS includes a soft start circuit, OVP circuit, and remote on/off circuit, making it possible to configure a simple protection circuit with fewer external parts than previously. Also provided are a current sense resistance and a leading edge blanking circuit that masks spike noise on current sense input, making noise reduction in a power supply set comparatively easy.
 The HA16148PS is equipped with an error amp circuit inverting input (FB) pin and output (COMP) pin, enabling special-purpose design for both flyback system secondary-side output voltage detection and primary-side back-up transformer output voltage detection types.

·  Built-in high-voltage power MOS FET
·  Energy-saving mode (power saving through reduction of operating frequency to 1/4 normal frequency when on standby)
·  Built-in starter circuit, reducing power loss of start-up resistance when on standby (external start-up resistance not necessary)
·  Built-in soft start circuit, eliminating need for external connection
·  Remote on/off function, enabling power saving by halting PWM output without turning off power supply
·  Built-in current sense resistance and leading edge blanking circuit, for sense-resistance-less and noisecancellation- filter-less implementation
·  Built-in over voltage protection circuit
·  Built-in over temperature protection circuit

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