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  1. 2008/10/14 RT9817 - Micro-Power Voltage Detectors with Manual Reset
General Description
The RT9817 is a micro-power voltage detector with deglitched manual reset input supervising the power supply voltage level for microprocessors (μP) or digital systems. It provides internally fixed threshold levels with 0.1V per step ranging from 1.2V to 5V, which covers most digital applications. It features low supply current of 3μA. The RT9817 performs supervisory function by sending out a reset signal whenever the VDD voltage falls below a preset threshold level. This reset signal will last the whole period before VDD recovering. Once VDD recovered upcrossing the threshold level, the reset signal will be released after a certain delay time. To pull reset signal low manually, just pull the manual reset input (MR) below the specified VIL level. RT9817 is provided in SC-82 and SOT-143 packages.

*Internally Fixed Threshold 1.2V to 5V in 0.1V Step
*High Accuracy ±1.5%
*Low Supply Current 3μA
*No External Components Required
*Quick Reset within 20μs
*Built-in Recovery Delay Include 0ms, 55ms, 220ms, 450ms Options
*800ns Glitch Immunity of Manual Reset Input
*Low Functional Supply Voltage 0.9V
*CMOS Push-Pull Output
*Small SC-82 and SOT-143 Packages
*RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free

*Intelligent Instruments
*Critical μP and μC Power Monitoring
*Portable/Battery-Powered Equipmen

RT9817A-12OP, RT9817B-12OP, RT9817C-12OP, RT9817D-12OP, RT9817E-12OP, RT9817F-12OP, RT9817G-12OP, RT9817H-12OP, RT9817A-13OP, RT9817B-13OP, RT9817C-13OP, RT9817D-13OP, RT9817E-13OP, RT9817F-13OP, RT9817G-13OP, RT9817H-13OP, RT9817A-49OP, RT9817B-49OP, RT9817C-49OP,RT9817D-49OP, RT9817E-49OP, RT9817F-49OP, RT9817G-49OP, RT9817H-49OP, RT9817A-50OP, RT9817B-50OP, RT9817C-50OP,RT9817D-50OP, RT9817E-50OP, RT9817F-50OP, RT9817G-50OP, RT9817H-50OP, RT9817A-12PP, RT9817B-12PP, RT9817C-12PP, RT9817D-12PP, RT9817E-12PP, RT9817F-12PP, RT9817G-12PP, RT9817H-12PP, RT9817A-13PP, RT9817B-13PP, RT9817C-13PP, RT9817D-13PP, RT9817E-13PP, RT9817F-13PP, RT9817G-13PP, RT9817H-13PP, RT9817A-49PP, RT9817B-49PP, RT9817C-49PP, RT9817D-49PP, RT9817E-49PP, RT9817F-49PP, RT9817G-49PP, RT9817H-49PP, RT9817A-50PP, RT9817B-50PP, RT9817C-50PP, RT9817D-50PP, RT9817E-50PP, RT9817F-50PP, RT9817G-50PP, RT9817H-50PP, RT9817A-12GP, RT9817B-12GP, RT9817C-12GP, RT9817D-12GP, RT9817E-12GP, RT9817F-12GP, RT9817G-12GP, RT9817H-12GP, RT9817A-13GP, RT9817B-13GP, RT9817C-13GP, RT9817D-13GP, RT9817E-13GP, RT9817F-13GP, RT9817G-13GP, RT9817H-13GP, RT9817A-49GP, RT9817B-49GP, RT9817C-49GP, RT9817D-49GP, RT9817E-49GP, RT9817F-49GP, RT9817G-49GP, RT9817H-49GP, RT9817A-50GP, RT9817B-50GP, RT9817C-50GP, RT9817D-50GP, RT9817E-50GP, RT9817F-50GP, RT9817G-50GP, RT9817H-50GP, RT9817A-12OH, RT9817B-12OH, RT9817C-12OH, RT9817D-12OH, RT9817E-12OH, RT9817F-12OH, RT9817G-12OH, RT9817H-12OH, RT9817A-13OH, RT9817B-13OH, RT9817C-13OH, RT9817D-13OH, RT9817E-13OH, RT9817F-13OH, RT9817G-13OH,RT9817H-13OH, RT9817A-49OH, RT9817B-49OH, RT9817C-49OH, RT9817D-49OH, RT9817E-49OH, RT9817F-49OH, RT9817G-49OH, RT9817H-49OH, RT9817A-50OH, RT9817B-50OH, RT9817C-50OH, RT9817D-50OH, RT9817E-50OH, RT9817F-50OH, RT9817G-50OH, RT9817H-50OH, RT9817A-12PH, RT9817B-12PH, RT9817C-12PH, RT9817D-12PH, RT9817E-12PH, RT9817F-12PH, RT9817G-12PH, RT9817H-12PH, RT9817A-13PH, RT9817B-13PH, RT9817C-13PH, RT9817D-13PH, RT9817E-13PH, RT9817F-13PH, RT9817G-13PH, RT9817H-13PH, RT9817A-49PH, RT9817B-49PH, RT9817C-49PH, RT9817D-49PH, RT9817E-49PH, RT9817F-49PH, RT9817G-49PH, RT9817H-49PH, RT9817A-50PH, RT9817B-50PH, RT9817C-50PH, RT9817D-50PH, RT9817E-50PH, RT9817F-50PH, RT9817G-50PH, RT9817H-50PH, RT9817A-12GH, RT9817B-12GH, RT9817C-12GH, RT9817D-12GH, RT9817E-12GH, RT9817F-12GH, RT9817G-12GH, RT9817H-12GH, RT9817A-13GH, RT9817B-13GH, RT9817C-13GH, RT9817D-13GH, RT9817E-13GH, RT9817F-13GH, RT9817G-13GH, RT9817H-13GH, RT9817A-49GH, RT9817B-49GH, RT9817C-49GH, RT9817D-49GH, RT9817E-49GH, RT9817F-49GH, RT9817G-49GH, RT9817H-49GH, RT9817A-50GH, RT9817B-50GH, RT9817C-50GH, RT9817D-50GH, RT9817E-50GH, RT9817F-50GH, RT9817G-50GH, RT9817H-50GH, RT9817A-12OY, RT9817B-12OY, RT9817C-12OY, RT9817D-12OY, RT9817E-12OY, RT9817F-12OY, RT9817G-12OY, RT9817H-12OY, RT9817A-13OY, RT9817B-13OY, RT9817C-13OY, RT9817D-13OY, RT9817E-13OY, RT9817F-13OY, RT9817G-13OY, RT9817H-13OY, RT9817A-49OY, RT9817B-49OY, RT9817C-49OY, RT9817D-49OY, RT9817E-49OY, RT9817F-49OY, RT9817G-49OY, RT9817H-49OY, RT9817A-50OY, RT9817B-50OY, RT9817C-50OY, RT9817D-50OY, RT9817E-50OY, RT9817F-50OY, RT9817G-50OY, RT9817H-50OY, RT9817A-12PY, RT9817B-12PY, RT9817C-12PY, RT9817D-12PY, RT9817E-12PY, RT9817F-12PY, RT9817G-12PY, RT9817H-12PY, RT9817A-13PY, RT9817B-13PY, RT9817C-13PY, RT9817D-13PY, RT9817E-13PY, RT9817F-13PY, RT9817G-13PY, RT9817H-13PY, RT9817A-49PY, RT9817B-49PY, RT9817C-49PY, RT9817D-49PY, RT9817E-49PY, RT9817F-49PY, RT9817G-49PY, RT9817H-49PY, RT9817A-50PY, RT9817B-50PY, RT9817C-50PY, RT9817D-50PY, RT9817E-50PY, RT9817F-50PY, RT9817G-50PY, RT9817H-50PY, RT9817A-12GY, RT9817B-12GY, RT9817C-12GY, RT9817D-12GY, RT9817E-12GY, RT9817F-12GY, RT9817G-12GY, RT9817H-12GY, RT9817A-13GY, RT9817B-13GY, RT9817C-13GY, RT9817D-13GY, RT9817E-13GY, RT9817F-13GY, RT9817G-13GY, RT9817H-13GY, RT9817A-49GY, RT9817B-49GY, RT9817C-49GY, RT9817D-49GY, RT9817E-49GY, RT9817F-49GY, RT9817G-49GY, RT9817H-49GY, RT9817A-50GY, RT9817B-50GY, RT9817C-50GY, RT9817D-50GY, RT9817E-50GY, RT9817F-50GY, RT9817G-50GY, RT9817H-50GY

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