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  1. 2007/07/07 MMU 0102 - Professional MELF Resistors
• Approved according to EN 140401-803
• Advanced thin film technology
• Excellent overall stability: exceeds Class 0.25
• Force fitted steel caps, tin plated on nickel barrier
• Pure Sn termination on Ni barrier layer
• Compatible with lead (Pb)-free and lead containing soldering processes
• Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant

• Automotive
• Telecommunication
• Industrial
• Medical equipment.

MMU 0102, MMA 0204 and MMB 0207 professional thin film MELF resistors are the perfect choice for most fields of modern professional electronics where reliability and stability
is of major concern. The typical applications in the fields of automotive, telecommunication and medical equipment reflect the outstanding level of proven reliability.

• The resistors have a 12-digit numeric code starting with 2312.
• The subsequent 4 digits indicate the resistor type, specification and packaging; see the 12NC table.
• The remaining 4 digits indicate the resistance value:
- The first 3 digits indicate the resistance value.
- The last digit indicates the resistance decade in
accordance with the 12NC Indicating Resistance Decade table.

 Production is strictly controlled and follows an extensive set of instructions established for reproducibility. A homogeneous film of metal alloy is deposited on a high grade ceramic body (85 % Al2O3, for MICRO-MELF: 96 % Al2O3) and conditioned to achieve the desired temperature coefficient. Nickel plated steel termination caps are firmly pressed on the metallised rods. A special laser is used to achieve the target value by smoothly cutting a helical groove
in the resistive layer without damaging the ceramics. The resistor elements are covered by a protective coating designed for electrical, mechanical and climatic protection.

 The terminations receive a final pure tin on nickel plating. Four or five colour code rings designate the resistance value and tolerance in accordance with IEC 60062*.
The result of the determined production is verified by an extensive testing procedure performed on 100 % of the individual resistors. Only accepted products are laid directly into the blister tape in accordance with IEC 60286-3* or bulk case in accordance with IEC 60286-6*.

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