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  1. 2008/03/19 IP113MLF - Managed 10/100Base-TX / FX Media Converter

General Description
IP113M LF can be a 10/100BASE-TX to 100BASE-FX converter with an SMI port for management.
It consists of a 2-port switch controller, a fast Ethernet transceiver and a PHY for 100BASE-FX. The transceivers in IP113M LF are designed in DSP approach with advance 0.25um technology, this results in high noise immunity and robust performance.
IP113M LF not only supports store and forward mode, it also supports modified cut through mode and pure converter mode for low latency data forwarding.
IP113M LF can transmit packet(s) up to 1600 bytes to meet requirement of extra long packets.
IP113M LF supports remote management function.
IP113M LF supports remote access functions and it also supports remote monitor and loop back test function defined in TS-1000 spec (*).
Local IP113M LF can access the MII registers of remote IP113M LF by programming local IP113M LF’s MII registers via SMI connection.
IP113M LF implements the management function using the maintenance frame defined in TS-1000 spec.
IP113M LF supports IEEE802.3x, collision base backpressure, and various LED functions, etc. These functions can be configured to fit the different requirements by feeding operation parameters via EEPROM interface or pull up/down resistors on specified pins.

* A 10/100BASE-TX/ 100BASE-FX converter with a SMI port for management
* Built in a 10/100BASE-TX transceiver
* Built in a PHY for 100BASE-FX
* Built in a 2-port switch
– Pass all packets without address and CRC check (optional)
– Supports modified cut-through frame forwarding for low latency
– Supports pure converter mode data forwarding for extreme low latency
– Supports flow control for full and half duplex operation
– Bandwidth control
– Max packet length 1600 bytes
– Optional forward fragments
* Built in 128Kb RAM for data buffer
* Supports 3.3v I/O tolerance SMI (MDC, MDIO) and MII registers for management
– Configure local and remote IP113M LF through local SMI
– Monitor local and remote IP113M LF through local SMI
– Configure/ monitor TP port support (auto-negotiation or force 10M/100M, full/half)
– Configure/ monitor flow control, bandwidth
– Supports loop back test (In-band or out-band, auto or program)
– The maintenance frame is compliant to TS-1000 standard        (the Telecommunication Technology Committee, TTC)
* Supports Statistic Counters
* Supports auto MDI-MDIX function
* Supports link fault pass through function
* Supports far end fault function
* LED display for link/activity, full/half, 10/100
* Built in a watchdog timer to monitor internal switch error
* Supports EEPROM Configuration
* 0.25u CMOS technology
* Single 2.5V power supply
* 48-pin LQFP package
* Support Lead Free package (Please refer to the Order Information)


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