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  1. 2009/08/18 TLE4263 - 5-V Low-Drop Voltage Regulator
Functional Description
TLE 4263 is a 5-V low-drop voltage regulator in a P-DSO-14-8 SMD package. The maximum input voltage is 45 V. The maximum output current is more than 200 mA. The IC is short-circuit proof and incorporates temperature protection which turns off the IC at overtemperature.
The IC regulates an input voltage VI in the range of 6 V < VI < 45 V to VQ,nom = 5.0 V. A reset signal is generated for an output voltage of VQ,rt < 4.5 V. This voltage threshold can be decreased to 3.5 V by external connection of a voltage divider. The reset delay can be set externally by a capacitor. The integrated watchdog logic supervises the connected microcontroller. The IC can be switched off via the inhibit input, which causes the current consumption to drop from 900 A to typical 0 A.

*Output voltage tolerance ≤± 2 %
*200 mA output current capability
*Low-drop voltage
*Very low standby current consumption
*Overtemperature protection
*Reverse polarity protection
*Short-circuit proof
*Adjustable reset threshold
*Wide temperature range
*Suitable for use in automotive electronics


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