General Description
The WPCN381U, a member of the Winbond LPC SuperI/O family, is targeted for legacy-reduced ultra-light portable applications.
The WPCN381U is PC2001 and ACPI compliant, and features a Fast Infrared port (FIR, IrDA 1.1 compliant), two Serial Ports and General-Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) support for a total of 11 ports.
The WPCN381U is a “no-frills” solution for the new generation of notebook systems, providing just the essential functions.

Outstanding Features
* Pin and software compatible with the Winbond 87381
* Fast Infrared Port (FIR)
* Two Serial Ports
* LPC bus interface, based on Intel’s LPC Interface Specification Revision 1.1, August 2002 (supports CLKRUN and LPCPD signals)
* PC2001 and ACPI Revision 3.0 compliant
* 11 GPIO ports, including 6 with IRQ assertion capability
* Two testability modes (XOR Tree and TRI-STATE® device pins).
* 5V tolerant and back-drive protected pins (except LPC bus pins)
* 48-pin LQFP package

* Fast Infrared Port (FIR)
- Software compatible with the 16550A and the 16450
- Shadow register support for write-only bit monitoring
- FIR IrDA 1.1 compliant
- ASK-IR option of SHARP-IR
- DASK-IR option of SHARP-IR
- Consumer Remote Control supports RC-5, RC-6, NEC, RCA and RECS 80
- DMA support: one or two channels
* Two Serial Ports (SP1 and SP2)
- SP2 can be used only when FIR is not needed
- Software compatible with the 16550A and the 16450
- Shadow register support for write-only bit monitoring
- UART data rates up to 1.5 Mbaud
* 11 General-Purpose I/O (GPIO) Ports
- Supports IRQ assertion
- Programmable drive type for each output pin (opendrain, push-pull or output disable)
- Programmable option for internal pull-up resistor on each input pin
- Output lock option
- Input debounce mechanism
* LPC System Interface
- 8-bit I/O cycles
- LPCPD and CLKRUN support
- Implements PCI mobile design guide recommendation (PCI Mobile Design Guide 1.1, Dec. 18, 1998)
* PC2001 and ACPI 3.0 Compliant
- PnP Configuration Register structure
- Flexible resource allocation for all logical devices
+ Relocatable base address
+ 15 IRQ routing options
+ Optional 8-bit DMA channels (where applicable) selected from four possible DMA channels
* Clock Sources
- 14.318 MHz or 48 MHz clock input
- LPC clock, 0 or 30 MHz to 33 MHz
* Strap Configuration
- Base Address (BADDR) strap to determine the base address of the Index-Data register pair
- Strap Inputs to select testability mode
* Power Supply
- 3.3V supply operation
- All pins are 5V tolerant, except LPC bus pins
- All pins are back-drive protected, except LPC bus pins
* Testability
- XOR Tree
- TRI-STATE device pins

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