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  1. 2008/12/30 AME5170 - Low Cost Micro Power Boost DC/DC Converter
General Description
The AME5170 is a fixed off-time step-up DC/DC converter in a small SOT-25 package. The AME5170 is ideal for LCD panels requiring low current and high efficiency as well as LED application for cellular phone backlighting, PDAs, and other hand-held devices. The low 400ns off time allows the use of tiny external components. AME5170 is designed to drive up to four white LEDs in series with a constant current from a single Li-lon battery. To control LED brightness, the LED current can be adjusted by applying a PWM (pulse width modulated) signal with a frequency range of 100Hz to 50KHz to the EN pin.

*0.7W Internal Switch
*Use Small Surface Mount Components
*Adjust Output Voltage up to 28V
*Input under Voltage Lockout
*0.1mA Shutdown Current Typical
*Small SOT-25 Package
*All AME's Lead Free Products Meet RoHS Standards

*LCD Bias Supplies
*White LED Back-Lighting
*Handheld Devices
*Digital Cameras
*Portable Applications


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