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  1. 2009/11/10 TQM640002 - GPS LNA-Filter Receive Module
Product Description
TQM640002 RF front end module (FEM) is an active device for GPS applications (center frequency 1575.42 MHz). It is designed for simultaneous GPS + voice in multi-function handsets. The FEM is comprised of a low-power flip-chip LNA die, a pair of high-performance SAW filters, and integrated passive matching circuitry. The module will operate at 1.8v or 2.8v bias and its current consumption – typically 5.0 mA – is not changed by DC supply, making it suitable for use in lowpower applications & during low-battery situations. The FEM performance exhibits high in-band gain and excellent rejection in all the key cellular & WLAN/Bluetooth bands. The device also exhibits both a high intercept point & a low noise figure, which optimally addresses today’s most stringent GPS front end receiver requirements.

*Low noise figure & high associated gain for high IP3 receiver stages for 1575 MHz
*NF = 1.56 dB; Gain=16 dB @ 1.8V
*No external matching components required
*Low current consumption & low voltage operation
*High immunity against inband compression due to out-of-band interferers during simultaneous GPS + voice operation
*Input and output internally pre-matched to 50 W
*Low cost miniature package 3 x 3 x 1.0 mm
-suitable for low profile handset applications
*Power-up control for the LNA
*Designed to operate at 1.8V, with enhanced linearity performance at 2.8V

*1575.42 MHz, L1 band GPS applications
*Personal Navigation Devices
*Cellular Handsets: Simultaneous GPS + voice calls

TQM640002GEL, TQM640002TR

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