The CAT3604V is a high efficiency Quad-ModeTM fractional charge pump that can drive up to four LEDs with input supply voltages as low as 2.5V.
An external RSET resistor is used to control the LED channel brightness while channel diagnostics include automatic detection for both short and open LED channel conditions, ensuring the CAT3604V maintains the highest efficiency level in all operating modes.
Each operating mode uses a constant high frequency switching scheme which allows the use of small form factor external ceramic capacitors while delivering excellent low noise input supply ripple up to 5.5 volts.
The EN input control supports direct PWM dimming and can accommodate dimming frequencies in excess of 10kHz thereby providing extremely high resolution brightness levels.
The device is available in the 16-pad low profile 0.8mm thin QFN (4mm x 4mm).

*Quad-mode charge pump: 1x, 1.33x, 1.5x, 2x
*Drives up to 4 LEDs at 30mA each
*Pin compatible with industry standard ‘604
*Open/short LED automatic detection
*Power efficiency up to 92%
*High resolution PWM dimming
*Low noise supply ripple in all modes
*Soft start and current limiting
*Short circuit and thermal overload protection
*16-Pad TQFN package, 4mm x 4mm

*LCD Display Backlight
*Cellular Phones
*Digital Still Cameras
*Handheld Devices

CAT3604VHV4-GT2, CAT3604VHV4-T2

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