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  1. 2008/05/09 MBA0204 - Professional leaded resistors

 MBA 0204, MBB 0207 and MBE 0414 professional leaded thin film resistors are the general purpose resistor for all fields of professional electronics where reliability and stability is of major concern.
Typical applications include industrial, telecommunication and medical equipment.
Production is strictly controlled and follows an extensive set of instructions established for reproducibility.
A homogeneous film of metal alloy is deposited on a high grade ceramic body (85% Al2O3) and conditioned to achieve the desired temperature coefficient.
Nickel plated steel termination caps are firmly pressed on the metallised rods.
A special laser is used to achieve the target value by smoothly cutting a helical groove in the resistive layer without damaging the ceramics.
Connecting wires of electrolytic copper plated with 100% pure tin are welded to the termination caps.
The resistor elements are covered by a light blue protective coating designed for electrical, mechanical and climatic protection.
Four or five colour code rings designate the resistance value and tolerance in accordance with IEC 60062.
The result of the determined production is verified by an extensive testing procedure performed on 100% of the individual resistors.
Only accepted products are stuck directly on the adhesive tapes in accordance with IEC 60286-1.
The resistors are suitable for processing on automatic insertion equipment and cutting and bending machines.
Excellent solderability is proven, even after extended storage.
They are suitable for automatic soldering using wave or dipping.
The encapsulation is resistant to all cleaning solvents commonly used in the electronics industry, including alcohols, esters and aqueous solutions.
The resistors are completely lead-free, the pure tin plating provides compatibility with lead-free soldering processes.
The immunity of the plating against tin whisker growth has been proven under extensive testing. All products comply with the CEFIC-EECA-EICTA list of legal restrictions on hazardous substances.
The resistors are tested in accordance with CECC 40101-806 which refers to EN 60115-1 and EN 140100.
Approval of conformity is indicated by the CECC logo on the package label.
BCcomponents BEYSCHLAG has achieved "Approval of Manufacturer" in accordance with EN 100114-1.
This product family of leaded thin film resistors for professional applications is complemented by Zero Ohm Jumpers and isolators.
On request, resistors are available with established reliability in accordance with CECC 40101-806 Version E.
Please refer to the special data sheet for information on failure rate level, available resistance ranges and ordering codes.

* Advanced thin film technology
* Power dissipation rating up to 1 W
* Excellent overall stability: class 0,25
* Wide professional range: 0,22 Ω to 22 MΩ
* Green product, supports lead-free soldering.

* Industrial
* Telecommunication
* Medical equipment.


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