The CAT6218 is a 300mA CMOS low dropout regulator that provides fast response time during load current and line voltage changes.
The quick-start feature allows the use of an external bypass capacitor to reduce the overall output noise without affecting the turn-on time of just 150μs.
With zero shutdown current and low ground current of 55μA typical, the CAT6218 is ideal for batteryoperated devices with supply voltages from 2.3V to 5.5V. An internal under voltage lockout circuit disables the output at supply voltages under 2.1V typical.
The CAT6218 offers 1% initial accuracy and low dropout voltage, 180mV typical at 300mA. Stable operation is provided with a small value ceramic capacitor, reducing required board space and compo–nent cost.
Other features include fold-back current current limit and thermal protection.
The device is available in the low profile (1mm max height) 5-lead thin SOT23 package.

*Guaranteed 300mA output current
*Low dropout voltage of 180mV typical at 300mA
*Stable with 1μF ceramic output capacitor
*External 10nF bypass capacitor for low noise
*Quick-start feature
*No-load ground current of 55μA typical
*Full-load ground current of 80μA typical
*±1.0% output voltage initial accuracy
*±2.0% accuracy over temperature
*“Zero” current shutdown mode
*Fold-back current limit and under-voltage lockout
*Thermal protection
*Thin SOT23-5 package

*Cellular phones
*Battery-powered devices
*Consumer Electronics

CAT6218-180TD-GT3, CAT6218-240TD-GT3, CAT6218-270TD-GT3

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The FAN2564 operates from a minimum input of 1.65V and provides outputs as low as 1.2V. Output current is guaranteed to 300mA, making this regulator ideal for digital loads.
The unique low input voltage capability and very low dropout make this device an ideal post regulator to a synchronous buck regulator. In this configuration, accurate low voltage regulation is provided without the inefficiencies typically related to linear regulators.
The enable pin can be used to initiate shutdown mode, where the operating current falls to an extremely low 10nA, typically.
The FAN2564 is designed to be stable with spacesaving ceramic capacitors as small as 0402 case size.
The FAN2564 is available in 4-bump 0.5mm pitch wafer-level chip-scale package (WLCSP) and a 6-lead 2 x 2mm ultra-thin molded leadless package (UMLP).

*Input Voltage 1.65V to 3.6V
*Guaranteed 300mA Output
*High Initial Output Voltage Accuracy: ±1%
*Fixed Output Voltage options from 1.2V to 2.8V
*Very Low Dropout: 100mV at 300mA
*45μA Quiescent Current at No Load
*Low Output Noise of 100μVRMS
*Inrush Current Controlled to Less Than 500mA
*PSRR of 60dB at 1kHz
*100μs Startup Time
*Stable with Ceramic Capacitors
*Thermal and Short-Circuit Protection
*4-bump WLCSP, 0.5mm Pitch
*6-pin 2 x 2mm UMLP

*Post Regulator
*Cell Phones and Smart Phones
*WLAN, 3G, and 4G Data Cards
*PMP and MP3 Players

FAN2564UC12X, FAN2564UC13X, FAN2564UMP12X, FAN2564UMP13X

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General Description
The RT9168/A is a 200mA/500mA low dropout and micropower regulator suitable for portable applications. The output voltages range from 1.5V to 5.0V in 100mV increments and 2% accuracy. The RT9168/A is designed for use with very low ESR capacitors. The output remains stable even with a 1μF ceramic output capacitor.
The RT9168/A uses an internal PMOS as the pass device, which does not cause extra GND current in heavy load and dropout conditions. The shutdown mode of nearly zero operation current makes the IC suitable for batterypowered devices. Other features include current limiting and over temperature protection. The SOT-23-5 and SOP-8 packages are also available for larger power dissipation and design flexibility.

*Stable with Low-ESR Output Capacitor
*Low Dropout Voltage (220mV at 200mA)
*Low Operation Current −80μA Typical
*Shutdown Function
*Low Temperature Coefficient
*Current and Thermal Limiting
*Custom Voltage Available
*SOT-23-5 and SOP-8 Packages
*RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free

*Cellular Telephones
*Laptop, Notebook, and Palmtop Computers
*Battery-powered Equipment
*Hand-held Equipment

RT9168A, RT916815PBR, RT916816PBR, RT9168A15PS, RT9168A16PS
TAG LDO, Regulator

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The XC6222 series is a highly accurate, low noise, high ripple rejection, low dropout, and low power consumption high speed CMOS voltage regulator. The series consists of a voltage reference, an error amplifier, a driver transistor, a current limiter, a thermal protection circuit, a reverse current protection circuit and a phase compensation circuit.
The CE function enables the entire circuit to be placed in a stand-by state by inputting a low level signal to the CE pin. In this stand-by mode, the electric charge at the output capacitor (CL) will be discharged by the internal auto-discharge switch, and as a result the VOUT pin will quickly return to the VSS level.
Over-current protection and thermal protection circuits are integrated. The protection circuit starts to operate when either output current reaches the current limit level or junction temperature reaches the temperature limit. With the reverse current protection function, the reverse current flow is prohibited when VOUT voltage is higher than VIN voltage. The device is optimized for use in backup power circuits.

*Dropout Voltage : 120mV @IOUT=300mA(VOUT=3.0V)
*Operating Voltage Range : 1.7V ~ 6.0V
*Output Voltages : 0.8V~5.0V (0.05V increments)
*Accuracy : +1% (VOUT>2.0V), +0.02V (VOUT≦2.0V)
*Low Power Consumption : 100μA (VOUT=3.0V)
*Stand-by Current : Less than 0.1μA
*High Ripple Rejection : 65dB @ 1kHz
*Operating Temperature : -40℃~+85℃
*Low ESR Capacitor : Ceramic capacitor
*Environmentally Friendly : EU RoHS Compliant, Pb Free
*Packages : USP-6C, SOT-25, SOT-89-5

*USB Products
*CD/DVD/HDD drives
*Mobile phones
*Portable game consoles
*Camera modules
*Electronic dictionaries

XC6222A081ER-G, XC6222B081ER-G, XC6222C081ER-G
TAG LDO, Regulator

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The XC6405 series are precise, low noise, high speed, high current, positive voltage low dropout regulators with built-in voltage detector. They are fabricated using Torex’s CMOS process. Performance features of the series includes high ripple rejection and low dropout voltage, and the series features a voltage reference, an error amplifier, a current limiter and a phase compensation circuit plus a driver transistor.
Detect voltage is selectable in 100mV increments within the range of 0.9V to 5.5V and the LDO output voltage is selectable within a range of 0.9V to 5.1V, also in 100mV increments.
The series is also compatible with low ESR ceramic capacitors which give added output stability. This stability can be maintained even during load fluctuations due to the excellent transient response of the series. The current limiter's foldback circuit also operates as a short circuit protection for the output current limiter and the output pin. The series provides options to the user to select from a variety of circuit features, such as detector monitoring, detector output logic, CE and EN pin input logic, internal pull-up / down resistance, and power ready. The IC's internal regulator circuit can be placed in stand-by mode via the EN function (XC6405 A to C series). The whole IC can be put in to stand-by mode via the CE function with the XC6405D series (semi-custom). In the stand-by mode, power consumption is greatly reduced. The XC6405 A and B series features the toggle operation function. The regulator output can be OFF when the XC6405B series detects voltage (semi-custom). The XC6405E series can monitor another power source by using the VSEN pin (semi-custom).
The XC6405F series can delay the detector output: the delay time can be controlled by the use of an external capacitor (semi-custom).

*Maximum Output Current : More than 500mA (600mA limit), (2.5V≦VROUT≦4.9V)
*Dropout Voltage : 200mV @ 100mA, 400mV @ 200mA
*Operating Voltage Range : 2.0V ~ 6.0V
*VR Setting Output Voltage : 0.9V~ 5.1V (±2%)
*Detect Voltage Setting Range : 0.9V ~ 5.5V (±2%), More than 2.0V (VIN sensing)
*VR.VD Temperature Coefficient : ±100ppm/℃ (TYP.)
*Low Power Consumption : 90μA (TYP.)
*High Ripple Rejection : 65dB (@10kHz)
*Operational Temperature : - 40 ~ 85℃
*Low ESR Capacitor Compatible Highly Accurate : ±2%
*Ultra Small Packages : SOT-25 (SOT-23-5), SOT-89-5

*CD-ROM, CD-R/RW drive
*DVD drive
*HVD drive
*Cameras, Video recorders
*Portable AV equipment
*Battery powered equipment

XC6405CH80MR, XC6405CE81MR, XC6405DE82MR, XC6405DE83MR

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The FAN2560 is a linear low-dropout (LDO) regulator with a split-supply architecture. Separate bias and supply inputs allow bias to be taken directly from the battery, while the input is taken from a lower preregulated source. This allows a smaller differential voltage between input and output, which provides greater efficiency over a wider VBAT range.
The FAN2560 is available in a fixed-voltage output, 5-bump, WLCSP package.

*55μA Typical Quiescent Current
*Up to 350mA Output Current
*2.9V to 5.5V Bias Supply Voltage
*VOUT+0.1V to 5.5V Power Input Supply Voltage
*Fixed Voltage Options: 1.3V and 1.5V
*Thermal Shutdown Protection (TSD)
*Input Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO)
*Short-Circuit Current Protection (SCP)
*5-bump 0.96 x 1.33mm WLCSP

*Moderate Current Digital Loads
*DVB-H, DMB Processors
*Handsets, Smartphones
*WLAN DC-DC Converter Modules
*PDA, DSC, PMP, and MP3 Players
*Portable Hard Disk Drives

FAN2560UC13X, FAN2560UC15X

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The XC6225 series is a high accuracy, low noise, and low dropout CMOS LDO regulator. The series includes a reference voltage source, an error amplifier, a driver transistor, a current limiter, and a phase compensation circuit.
The CE function enables the entire circuit to be turned off by a low level input signal to the CE pin. In this stand-by state, the XC6225B series can discharge the electric charge stored at the output capacitor through the internal auto-discharge switch, and as a result the VOUT pin quickly returns to the VSS level. The output stabilization capacitor (CL) is also compatible with low ESR ceramic capacitors. Output voltage is selectable in 0.05V increments within a range of 0.8V~5.0V. The current limit fold-back circuit works as a short circuit protection as well as the output current limiter. The series achieves a fast response with only 25μA of low power consumption. The current limit is set to 50mA (TYP.) so that the device is optimized to protect the circuit from over-current. It is ideally suited for applications requiring 30 mA or less.
A small USP-4 package makes high density mounting possible.

*Output Current : 30mA <50mA (TYP.) Limit>
*Dropout Voltage : 70mV@ IOUT=30mA, VOUT=3.2V
*Operating Voltage Range : 2.5V ~ 6.0V
*Output Voltage Range : 0.8V~5.0V (0.05V increments)
*Accuracy : +2% (VOUT>1.5V) +0.03V (VOUT≦1.45V)
*Low Power Consumption : 25μA (TYP.)
*Stand-by Current : Less than 0.1μA
*High Ripple Rejection : 70dB @ 1kHz
*Operating Temperature Range : -40℃~+85℃
*Output Capacitor : 1.0μF ceramic capacitor
*CL High-Speed Auto-Discharge (XC6225B)
*Low Output Noise Packages : USP-4, SOT-25, SSOT-24 (under development)

*Cellular phones
*Cordless phones, Wireless communication equipment
*Portable games
*Cameras, VCRs
*Portable AV equipment

XC6225A082GR-G, XC6225B082GR-G, XC6225A092GR-G, XC6225B092GR-G
TAG LDO, Regulator

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The APU3048 IC combines a Dual synchronous Buck controller and a linear regulator controller, providing a cost-effective, high performance and flexible solution for multi-output applications. The Dual synchronous controller is configured as 2-independent PWM controller. APU3048 provides a separate adjustable output by driving a switch as a linear regulator. This device features an internal 200KHz oscillator, under-voltage lockout for all input supplies, an external programmable soft start function as well as output under-voltage detection that latches off the device when an output short is detected.

*Dual Synchronous Controller in 16-Pin Package with 1808 out-of-phase operation
*LDO Controller with 40mA drive
*Configured as 2-Independent PWM Controller
*Flexible, Same or Separate Supply Operation
*Operation from 4V to 25V Input
*Internal 200KHz Oscillator
*Soft-Start controls all outputs
*Fixed Frequency Voltage Mode
*500mA Peak Output Drive Capability
*Programmable Outputs
*RoHS Compliant

*DDR Memory Source Sink Vtt Application
*Graphic Card
*Hard Disk Drive
*Power supplies requiring multiple outputs

APU3048O, APU3048M

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General Description
The RT9187 is a high-performance, 1A LDO regulator, offering extremely high PSRR and ultra-low dropout. Ideal for portable RF and wireless applications with demanding performance and space requirements.
A noise reduction pin is also available for further reduction of output noise. Regulator ground current increases only slightly in dropout, further prolonging the battery life. The RT9187 also works with low-ESR ceramic capacitors, reducing the amount of board space necessary for power applications, critical in hand-held wireless devices.
The RT9187 consumes less than 0.1uA in shutdown mode and has fast turn-on time less than 40μs. The other features include ultra-low dropout voltage, high output accuracy, current limiting protection, and high ripple rejection ratio. Available in the VDFN-8L 3x3 and SOP-8 (Exposed Pad) package.

*Ultra-Low-Noise for RF Application
*Ultra-Fast Response in Line/Load Transient
*Quick Start-Up (Typically 40μs)
*< 0.1uA Standby Current When Shutdown
*Low Dropout : 240mV at 1A
*Wide Operating Voltage Ranges : 2.5V to 5.5V
*TTL-Logic-Controlled Shutdown Input
*Current Limiting Protection
*Thermal Shutdown Protection
*Only 2.2uF Output Capacitor Required for Stability
*High Power Supply Rejection Ratio
*RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free

*CDMA/GSM Cellular Handsets
*Battery-Powered Equipment
*Laptop, Palmtops, Notebook Computers
*Hand-Held Instruments
*Mini PCI & PCI-Express Cards
*PCMCIA & New Cards
*Portable Information Appliances

RT9187-10PQV, RT9187-11PQV, RT9187-32PQV, RT9187-33PQV

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GM6156 is an efficient linear voltage regulator with ultralow - noise output, very low dropout voltage (typically 17mV at light loads and 165mV at 50mA), and very low ground current (600μA at 100mA output). GM6156 provides better than 1% initial accuracy.
Designed especially for hand-held, battery-powered devices, GM6156 includes a CMOS or TTL compatible enable/shutdown control input. When shutdown, power consumption drops nearly to zero. Regulator ground current increases only slightly in dropout, further prolonging battery
life. Key features of GM6156 include a reference bypass pin to improve its excellent low-noise performance, reversed-battery protection, current limiting, and overtemperature shutdown.
The GM6156 is available in SOT-25 package.

*Very low noise output
*High output voltage accuracy
*Extremely accurate output voltage
*Guaranteed 150mA output
*Low quiescent current
*Low dropout voltage
*Extremely tight load and line regulation
*Very low temperature coefficient
*Current and thermal limiting
*Reverse-battery protection
*"Zero" off-mode current
*Logic-controlled electronic enable

*Cellular telephones
*Laptop, notebook, and palmtop computers
*Battery-powered equipment
*PCMCIA VCC and VPP regulation/ switching
*Consumer/ personal electronics
*SMPS post-regulator/ dc-to-dc modules
*High-efficiency linear power supplies

GM6156-AST25R, GM6156-2.5ST25R, GM6156-2.7ST25R, GM6156-2.8ST25R
TAG LDO, Regulator

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