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  1. 2008/10/16 PBL3764 - Subscriber Line Interface Circuit
The PBL 3764 Subscriber Line Interface Circuit (SLIC) is a bipolar integrated circuit in 75V technology which replaces the cinventional transformer based analog line interface circuit in PABX and other telecommunications equipment with a modren, compact solid state design. Not onlt is required PCB area reduced, but lesser component weight and height result as well. The PBL 3764 has been optimized for low cost and to require only a minimum of external components.
The PBL 3764 protrammable, constant-current feed system can operate with bettery sypply voltages down to 24 V to reduce line card power dissipation.
The SLIC incorporates loop current, ground ket and ring trip detection functions as well as a ring relay driver.
Two-to four-wire and four-to two-wire voice frequency (vf) signal conversion is accomplished by the SLIC in conjunction with either a conventional CODEC/filter or with a CODEC/filter option provides for flexible line card designs with features such as transmit and receivegains, hybrid balance and two-wire impedance adjustable by the system controller. In the conventional CODEC/filter implementation the two-wire impedance is set by a simple external nerwork.
Longitudinal line voltages are supressed by a feed back loop in the SLIC. Longitudinal balance specifications exceed FCC and EIA requirements.
The PBL 3764 package is 22-pin, dual-in-line, 28-pin J-leaded chip carrier or 32-pin leadless chip carrier.
Refer to Ericsson Components AB family of central office SLICs for applications requiring additional functions.

*Battery feed characteristics programmable via external resistors; feed characteristics independent of SLIC battery supply variations
*Battery supply voltage as low as 24V for power efficient line card designs
*Ring relay driver
*Loop current, ground key and ring trip detection functions
*Programmalble line terminating impedance, complex or real
*On-hook transmission
*Longitudinal balance specifications in excess of FCC and EIA requiments
*Low 21mW on-hook power dissipation
*Tip-ring open circuit state for subscriber loop power denial
*-40℃ to +85℃ ambient temperature range

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