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  1. 2009/02/11 ZL70101 - Medical Implantable RF Transceiver
The ZL70101 is a high performance half duplex RF communications link for medical implantable
The system is very flexible and supports several low power wakeup options. Extremely low power is achievable using the 2.45 GHz ISM Band Wakeupreceiver option. The high level of integration includes a Media Access Controller, providing complete control of the device along with coding and decoding of RF messages. A standard SPI interface provides for easy access by the application.

*402-405 MHz (10 MICS channels) and 433-434 MHz (2 ISM channels)
*High data rate (800/400/200 kbps raw data rate)
*High performance MAC with automatic error handling and flow control, typ < 1.5x10-10 BER.
*Very few external components (3 pcs + antenna matching)
*Extremely low power consumption (5 mA, continuous TX / RX, 1 mA low power mode)
*Ultra low power wakeup circuit (250 nA)
*Standards compatible (MICS, FCC, IEC)

*Implantable Devices e.g., Pacemakers, ICD’s, Neurostimulators, Implantable Insulin Pumps,
Bladder Control Devices, implantable physiological monitors
*Body area network, short range device applications using the 433 MHz ISM band.

ZL70101LDG1, ZL70101UBJ

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