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  1. 2009/05/29 TK14588 - FM IF IC
  2. 2007/03/26 MC3361C - Low Power Narrowband FM IF
  3. 2007/03/23 TA7640AP - AM/FM IF PROCESSOR

TK14588 - FM IF IC

Toko Inc 2009/05/29 09:24
The TK14588V is a standard function general purpose IF IC capable of operating up to 22 MHz. The TK14588V contains a high-speed data comparator for base band processing. The TK14588V has a unique function that allows establishing the demodulation characteristics by changing the external RC time constant, and not changing the phase shifter constant. The RSSI output is individually trimmed, resulting in excellent accuracy, good linearity, and stable temperature characteristics. The TK14588V was developed for high-speed data communication, DECT, wireless LAN, keyless entry systems, etc.
The TK14588V is available in the very small TSSOP-16 surface mount package.

*Input Frequency (~22 MHz)
*Low Voltage Operation (2.3 to 5.5 V)
*Battery Save Function
*Wide Band Demodulator (~1 MHz)
*High Speed Data Comparator (~2 Mbps)
*Very Small Package (TSSOP-16)

*Communications Equipment
*Wireless LAN
*Keyless Entry Systems

TK14588V, TK14588VTL
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The MC3361 includes an Oscillator, Mixer, Limiting Amplifier, Quadrature Discriminator, Active Filter, Squelch, Scan Control and Mute Switch. This device is designed for use in FM dual conversion communications equipment.

* Operates from 2.0 to 8.0 V Supply
* Low Drain Current 2.8 mA Typical @ Vcc=4.0 Vdc
* Excellent Sensitivity: Input Limiting Voltage-3.0 dB =2.6㎶ Typical
* low Nimber of External Parts Required
* Operating Frequency Up to 60MHz
* Full ESD protection

MC3361CD MC3361CP
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The UTC TA7640AP Is A Monolithic Integrated Circuit
Designed For The Radios Cassette Tape Recorder.

* Low Operating Current
* Low External Component
* Internal AM/FM Switch
* Wide Operating Voltage : Vcc=3.8V
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