General Description
The TC1031 is a low-power comparator and voltage reference designed specifically for low-power applications. The TC1031 is designed for operation from a single supply, however operation from dual supplies is also possible. The power supply current drain is independent of the magnitude of the power supply voltage. The TC1031 can operate from two 1.5V alkaline cells, and operation is ensured to VDD = 1.8V. Typical active supply current is 6μA. Rail-to-rail inputs and outputs allow operation from low supply voltages with large input and output signal swings.
The TC1031 provides a simple method for adding useradjustable hysteresis without feedback or complex external circuitry. Hysteresis is adjusted with a simple resistor divider on the HYST input. A shutdown input, SHDN, disables the comparator and voltage reference and reduces supply current to less than 0.1μA (maximum) when taken low.
The TC1031 is packaged in a space-saving 8-Pin MSOP, making it ideal for applications requiring high integration, small size and low power.

*Combines Comparator and Voltage Reference in a Single Package
*Optimized for Single Supply Operation
*Small Package: 8-Pin MSOP
*Ultra Low Input Bias Current: Less than 100pA
*Low Quiescent Current, Active: 6μA (Typ.), Shutdown Mode: 0.1μA (Typ.)
*Rail-to-Rail Inputs and Outputs
*Operates Down to VDD = 1.8V
*Programmable Hysteresis

*Power Management Circuits
*Battery Operated Equipment
*Consumer Products


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