The CT1775 Universal MACAIR/1553 Dumb Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) consists of a transceiver, and encoder/decoder, control logic, dual rank I/O registers and internal clock oscillator packaged in a 1.6" x 1.9" hermetic hybrid. It provides all the functions required to interface between a MACAIR (sinusodial) or MIL-STD-1553 (Trapezoidal) serial MUX data bus and a subsystem parallel 3-state data highway. Utilizing several ASIC ICs, the CT1775 provides sufficient handshaking, control and data lines to permit versatile operation as a remote terminal, a bus controller or a bus monitor, in either single or dual redundant data bus configurations.
As a transmitter, the CT1775 accepts 8 bit or 16 bit parallel date from the subsystem, and outputs serial Manchester II coded Command, Status or Data words, under subsystem control. As a receiver, it accepts serial MIL-STD-1553 or MACAIR transmissions and transfers all Command, Status and Data words to the 8 bit or 16 bit data highway, under subsystem control. The CT1775 also provides flags to the subsystem when Broadcast, Mode Code, and Own Address (with parity) commands are decoded.
The CT1775 contains a terminal fail-safe timeout circuit which flags message lengths exceeding 768μs, and terminates serial data transmission. Wraparound selftest is initiated by a control line which causes the encoder serial output to be connected to the decoder input. The CT1775 provides a serial output of decoded words, thus allowing Command Word look ahead, for the fastest terminal response.

*CT1775 Replaces DDC BUS-65201
-Universal Transceiver
-Dual Rank I/O Registers
-Fail-safe Timer
-Clock Oscillator
*Simple Controls for Single or Dual Redundant Data Bus Configurations
*Provides Flags for:
-Own Address (With Parity)
-Mode Code
-Time Out
-Valid Word
-Sync Type
*16 Bit or 8 Bit 3-State
-Parallel I/O and Serial Out
*Wraparound Built-In Test
*MIL-PRF-38534 Compliant Circuits Available
*Packaging – Hermetic Metal
-68 Pin, 1.85" x 1.6" x .19" Plug-In Type Package


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A range of miniature single in line (SIL) hybrid modules providing complete four channel Radio Receiver/Decoder systems available in either AM or FM. When used with the 110-AM or 120-FM series pocket keyfobs a complete remote telemetry system is obtained with up to 150 metres range.
The module consists of a front end super-heterodyne or super-regen RF receiver with an embedded microcontroller decoding a highly secure Keeloq protocol signal.
The module has an easy-to-use 'LEARN' facility, and is capable of learning up to 50 unique keyfob encoders.
The module requires a 5V power supply and provides a direct LED drive showing data reception and four digital data outputs. The outputs may be programmed for momentary or latching configuration.
The modules have flash re-programmability feature to enable field re-programming of the controller.

*Miniature RF Receiver and Decoder.
*Advanced Keeloq Decoding
*Advanced Laser Trimmed Ceramic Module
*AM Range up to 100 Metres
*FM Range up to 150 Metres
*Easy Learn Transmitter Feature.
*Outputs, Momentary or Latching & Serial Data.
*Direct Led Drive Shows Data Reception
*Single Supply 5V
*Flash re-programmable
*HIR6 Low Power Version (<1mA)
*Directly compatible with 110 Series
*Compatible with RF600E
*EMC Compliant for use in Europe
*FCC Certified for use in USA

*General Remote Control Systems.
*Garage Door Openers.
*Car, Caravan, Motorcycle Alarms
*Remote Switching.
*Remote Gates.

HIRK-433, HIR6-433, HIRK-315A, HIRK-433A, HIR6-433A, HIRK-433F

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The TR3001 hybrid transceiver is ideal for short-range wireless data applications where robust operation, small size, low power consumption and low cost are required. The TR3001 employs RFM’s amplifier-sequenced hybrid (ASH) architecture to achieve this unique blend of haracteristics.
All critical RF functions are contained in the hybrid, simplifying and speeding design-in.
The receiver section of the TR3001 is sensitive and stable. A wide dynamic range log detector, in combination with digital AGC and a compound data slicer, provide robust performance in the presence of on-channel interference or noise. Two stages of SAW filtering provide excellent eceiver out-of-band rejection. The transmitter includes provisions for both on-off keyed (OOK) and amplitude-shift keyed (ASK) modulation. The transmitter employs SAW filtering to suppress output harmonics, facilitating compliance with FCC Part 15 and similar regulations.

*Designed for Short-Range Wireless Data Communications
*Supports RF Data Transmission Rates Up to 115.2 kbps
*3 V, Low Current Operation plus Sleep Mode
*Stable, Easy to Use, Low External Parts Count

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International Rectifier's IRAM136-1060B is a 10A, 600V Integrated Power Hybrid IC designed for advanced Appliance Motor Drives applications. Typical applications include energy efficient Washing Machine, Fans, Air Conditions and Refrigerator Compressor Drivers. This module offers an extremely compact, high performance AC motor-driver in an isolated package that simplifies design. Several built-in protection features such as over current, temperature monitoring, shoot through prevention and under voltage lockout makes this a very robust solution. The combination of highly efficient Trench IGBT technology and the industry benchmark 3-phase HVIC driver (3.3V/5V input compatible) and a fully isolated thermally enhanced package makes this a highly competitive solution. The compact Single in line (SIP05) package minimizes PCB space.

*Internal Shunt Resistor and current feedback
*Integrated gate drivers and bootstrap diodes
*Temperature feedback
*Programmable over current protection pin
*High efficiency Trench IGBT technology
*Under-voltage lockout for all channels
*Matched propagation delay for all channels
*3.3V/5V Schmitt-triggered input logic
*Cross-conduction prevention logic
*Motor Power range 0.25~0.75kW / 85~253 Vac
*Isolation 2000VRMS min and CTI> 600

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International Rectifier's IRAM136-3063B is a 30A, 600V Integrated Power Hybrid IC with Internal Shunt Resistor for Appliance Motor Drives applications such air conditioning systems and compressor drivers as well as for light industrial application. IR's technology offers an extremely compact, high performance AC motor driver in a single isolated package to simplify design.
This advanced HIC is a combination of IR's low VCE(on) Punch-Through IGBT technology and the industry benchmark 3-Phase high voltage, high speed driver in a fully isolated thermally enhanced package. A builtin temperature monitor and over-current and over-temperature protections, along with the short-circuit rated IGBTs and integrated under-voltage lockout function, deliver high level of protection and failsafe operation. Using a new developed single in line package (SiP3) with heat spreader for the power die along with full transfer mold structure minimizes PCB space and resolves isolation problems to heatsink.

*Integrated Gate Drivers
*Temperature Monitor and Protection
*Overcurrent shutdown
*Low VCE(on) Advance Planar Super Rugged Technology
*Undervoltage lockout for all channels
*Matched propagation delay for all channels
*5V Schmitt-triggered input logic
*Cross-conduction prevention logic
*Lower di/dt gate driver for better noise immunity
*Motor Power up to 3.3kW / 85~253 Vdc
*Fully Isolated Package, Isolation 2000VRMS min


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VLA507 is a hybrid integrated circuit designed for driving IGBT modules. This device operates as an isolation amplifier for these modules and provides the required electrical isolation between the input and output with an opto- coupler.

* Output is ±3 Amperes Maximum
* Two Supply Drive (VCC: 15 Volts, VEE: -10 Volts)
* SIP Outline Allows More Space on Mounting Area
* Electrical Isolation Voltage Between Input and Output (2500 Vrms for 1 Minute)
* TTL Compatible Input

To drive IGBT modules for welding, induction heating, or inverters.

Recommended IGBT Modules
NFH Series IGBTs –
VCES = 1200V up to 150A class (f: up to 30kHz)
NF Series IGBTs –
VCES = 600V up to 200A class (f: up to 20kHz)
VCES = 1200V up to 150A class (f: up to 20kHz)

TAG Driver, Hybrid, ic, IGBT

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• up to 80 dB of electrical gain
• dedicated preamp for a telecoil
• direct coupling of a telecoil to preamp
• low input referred noise
• on chip voltage regulator
• capable of driving low impedance receivers

• Hybrid typical dimensions 0.250 in x 0.150 in x 0.115 in (6.35 mm x 3.81 mm x 2.92 mm)

 The GM3008 hybrid consists of two of Gennum's proprietary integrated circuits, the GP537 preamplifier and the GS551 class B output driver. Such a configuration provides up to 80 dB (typ) of electrical gain. Low total harmonic distortion and input noise make this circuit well suited for high power applications. Various additional pads have been provided to allow for maximum flexibility of system performance.

 The GP537 contains two low noise inverting preamplifiers with an open loop voltage gain of typically 50 dB, a telecoil preamplifier with its own reference voltage which enables for direct coupling of the telecoil and a voltage regulator with typically 74 dB of supply rejection capable of working with a supply voltage down to 1.1 volts. This chip also enables the user to disconnect the telecoil preamplifier when it is not required, thereby saving approximately
85 mA of current.

 The GS551 class B amplifier contains three basic blocks, a low noise inverting preamplifier, a unity gain phase splitter and a fixed gain class B output stage.
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