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  1. 2009/01/02 CS5581 - ±2.5 V / 5 V, 200 kSps, 16-bit, High-throughput ΔΣ ADC
General Description
The CS5581 is a single-channel, 16-bit analog-to-digital converter capable of 200 kSps conversion rate. The input accepts a single-ended analog input signal. On-chip buffers provide high input impedance for both the AIN input and the VREF+ input. This significantly reduces the drive requirements of signal sources and reduces errors due to source impedances. The CS5581 is a delta-sigma converter capable of switching multiple input channels at a high rate with no loss in throughput. The ADC uses a low-latency digital filter architecture. The filter is designed for fast settling and settles to full accuracy in one conversion. The converter's 16-bit data output is in serial format, with the serial port acting as either a master or a slave. The converter is designed to support bipolar, ground-referenced signals when operated from ±2.5V analog supplies.
The CS5581 uses self-calibration to achieve low offset and gain errors. The converter achieves a S/N of 81 dB. Linearity is 0.0007% of full scale.
The converter can operate from an analog supply of 0-5V or from ±2.5V. The digital interface supports standard logic operating from 1.8, 2.5, or 3.3 V.

Features & Description
*Single-ended Analog Input
*On-chip Buffers for High Input Impedance
*Conversion Time = 5 μS
*Settles in One Conversion
*Linearity Error = 0.0007%
*Signal-to-Noise = 81 dB
*S/(N + D) = 81 dB
*DNL = ±0.1 LSB Max.
- Maintains accuracy over time & temperature.
*Simple three/four-wire serial interface
*Power Supply Configurations:
- Analog: +5V/GND; IO: +1.8V to +3.3V
- Analog: ±2.5V; IO: +1.8V to +3.3V
*Power Consumption:
- ADC Input Buffers On: 85 mW
- ADC Input Buffers Off: 60 mW


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