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  1. 2006/12/07 TEA1093 - Hands-free IC

TEA1093 - Hands-free IC

Philips 2006/12/07 17:53
· Line powered supply with:
– adjustable stabilized supply voltage
– power down function
· Microphone channel with:
– externally adjustable gain
– microphone mute function
· Loudspeaker channel with:
– externally adjustable gain
– dynamic limiter to prevent distortion
– rail-to-rail output stages for single-ended or bridge-tied load drive
– logarithmic volume control via linear potentiometer
– loudspeaker mute function
· Duplex controller consisting of:
– signal envelope and noise envelope monitors for both
channels with:
externally adjustable sensitivity
externally adjustable signal envelope time constant
externally adjustable noise envelope time constant
– decision logic with:
externally adjustable switch-over timing
externally adjustable idle mode timing
externally adjustable dial tone detector in receive
– voice switch control with:
adjustable switching range
constant sum of gain during switching
constant sum of gain at different volume settings.

· Line-powered telephone sets with hands-free/listening-in functions.

The TEA1093 is a bipolar circuit intended for use in line-powered telephone sets. In conjunction with a member of the TEA1060 family or PCA1070 transmission circuits, the device offers a hands-free function for line powered telephone sets. It incorporates a supply, a microphone channel, a loudspeaker channel and a duplex controller with signal and noise monitors on both channels.

TEA1093 TEA1093T

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