International Rectifier’s R5TM technology provides high performance power MOSFETs for space applications.
These devices have been characterized for Single Event Effects (SEE) with useful performance
up to an LET of 80 (MeV/(mg/cm2)).
The combination of low RDS(on) and low gate charge reduces the power losses in switching applications such as DC to DC converters and motor control.
These devices retain all of the well established advantages of MOSFETs such as voltage control, fast switching, ease of paralleling and temperature stability of electrical parameters.

* Single Event Effect (SEE) Hardened
* Low RDS(on)
* Low Total Gate Charge
* Simple Drive Requirements
* Ease of Paralleling
* Hermetically Sealed
* Surface Mount
* Ceramic Package
* Light Weight


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The HMXADC9225 is a radiation hardened monolithic, single supply, 12-bit, 20 MSPS, analog-to-digital converter with an on-chip, high performance sample-andhold amplifier. The HMXADC9225 uses a multistage differential pipelined architecture with output error correction logic to provide 12-bit accuracy at 20 MSPS data rates, and guarantees no missing codes over the full operating temperature range.
The HMXADC9225 is fabricated on a radiation hardened SOI-IV Silicon On Insulator
(SOI) process with very low power consumption.
The input of the HMXADC9225 allows for easy interfacing to space and military imaging, sensor, and communications systems. With a truly differential input structure, the user can select a variety of input ranges and offsets including singleended applications. The dynamic performance is excellent.
The sample-and-hold amplifier (SHA) is well suited for both multiplexed systems that switch full-scale voltage levels in successive channels and sampling single-channel inputs at frequencies up to and well beyond the Nyquist rate.
A single clock input is used to control all internal conversion cycles. The digital output data is presented in straight binary output format.

* Monolithic 12-Bit, 20 MSPS A/D Converter
* Rad Hard: >500k Rad(Si) Total Dose
* Single +5 V Analog Supply
* Complete On-Chip S/H Amplifier
* Straight Binary Output Data
* 5V or 3.3V Digital and I/O Supply
* No Missing Codes Guaranteed
* Differential Nonlinearity Error: 0.4 LSB
* Signal-to-Noise and Distortion Ratio: 69.6 dB
* Spurious-Free Dynamic Range: –81 dB
* 28-Lead Ceramic Flat Pack

Mixed Signal Rad Hard Process
The HMXADC9225 is fabricated on space qualified SOI CMOS process. High-speed precision analog circuits are now combined with high-density logic circuits that can reliably withstand the harshest environments.

Space Qualified Package
The HMXADC9225 is packaged in a 28 lead ceramic flat pack.

Low Power
The HMXADC9225 at 345 mW consumes a fraction of the power of presently available in existing monolithic solutions.

Output Enable (OE)
The OE input allows user to put the tri-state digital outputs into a high impedance mode.

Dual Power Supply Capability
The HMXADC9225 uses a single +5 V power supply simplifying system power supply design. It also features a separate digital I/O power supply line to accommodate 3.3V and 5V logic families.

On-Chip Sample-and-Hold (SHA)
The versatile SHA input can be configured for either single-ended or differential inputs.


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International Rectifier’s R6TM technology provides superior power MOSFETs for space applications.

These devices have improved immunity to Single Event Effect (SEE) and have been characterized for useful performance with Linear Energy Transfer (LET) up to 90MeV/(mg/cm2).

Their combination of very low RDS(on) and faster switching times reduces power loss and increases power density in today’s high speed switching applications such as DC-DC converters and motor controllers.

These devices retain all of the well established advantages of MOSFETs such as voltage
control, ease of paralleling and temperature stability of electrical parameters.


*Low RDS(on)
*Fast Switching
*Single Event Effect (SEE) Hardened
*Low Total Gate Charge
*Simple Drive Requirements
*Ease of Paralleling
*Hermetically Sealed
*Ceramic Eyelets
*Electrically Isolated
*Light Weight

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