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  1. 2008/06/28 MHW9187N - Gallium Arsenide CATV Amplifier Module
24 Vdc Supply, 40 to 870 MHz, CATV GaAs Forward Power Doubler Amplifier Module
Replaced MHW9187.
There are no form, fit or function changes with this part replacement.
RoHS Compliant

* Specified for 79 - , 112- and 132-Channel Loading
* Excellent Distortion Performance
* Higher Output Capability
* GaAs FET Transistor Technology
* Unconditionally Stable Under All Load Conditions

* CATV Systems Operating in the 40 to 870 MHz Frequency Range
* Output Stage Amplifier in Optical Nodes, Line Extenders and Trunk Distribution Amplifiers for CATV Systems
* Driver Amplifier in Linear General Purpose Applications

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