■ Low input offset voltage: 1.5mV max
■ Rail-to-rail input and output
■ Wide bandwidth 20MHz, stable for gain ≥3
■ Low power consumption: 1.1mA maximum
■ High output current: 35mA
■ Operating from 2.5V to 5.5V
■ Low input bias current, 1pA typ
■ ESD internal protection ≥ 5kV
■ Latch-up immunity

 The TSV991/2/4 family of single, dual & quad operational amplifiers offers low voltage operation and rail-to-rail input and output.
 This family features an excellent speed/power consumption ratio, offering a 20MHz gainbandwidth, stable for gain above 3 (100pF capacitive load), while consuming only 1.1mA
max at 5V supply voltage. It also features an ultralow input bias current.
 These characteristics make the TSV991/2/4 family ideal for sensor interfaces, battery-supplied
and portable applications, as well as active filtering.

■ Battery-powered applications
■ Portable devices
■ Signal conditioning
■ Active filtering
■ Medical instrumentation

TSV992 TSV994

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