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  1. 2009/11/26 ATR0603 - GPS Front-end IC
The ATR0603 is a single-IF GPS front-end IC, designed to meet the requirements of mobile and automotive applications. Excellent RF performance combined with high bandwidth and a low noise figure enables high-quality GPS solutions, and its very low power consumption is a perfect match for portable devices. Featuring a fully integrated balanced frequency synthesizer, only a few external components are required. The gain of the IF amplifier can be set to three different levels in order to meet the requirements for various applications. Several types of external oscillators can be connected to the robust TCXO interface. The startup logic allows significant power saving due to very low power-down current and the ability to disable the external TCXO or even other external components. CMOS output drivers deliver a 1-bit data signal and a 16.367667-MHz clock signal to the baseband interface.

*Very Low Power Design
*Single IF Architecture
*Excellent Noise Performance
*1-bit ADC on Chip
*Small QFN Package (4 mm × 4 mm, 24 Pins)
*Highly Integrated, Few External Components
*Advanced BiCMOS Technology (UHF6s)
*Supply Switch for External Circuitry (e.g., TCXO)
*Non-ESD-sensitive Device

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