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  1. 2009/10/05 EM198810 - 2.4 GHz ISM Band Transceiver/Framer IC
The Elan EM198810 IC is a low-cost, fully integrated CMOS radio frequency (RF) transceiver block, combined with a 64-byte buffered framer block. The RF transceiver block is a self-contained, fast-hopping GFSK data modem, optimised for use in the widely available 2.4 GHz ISM band. It contains transmit, receive, VCO and PLL functions, including an on-chip channel filter and resonator, thus minimizing the need for external components. The receiver utilizes extensive digital processing for excellent overall performance, even in the presence of interference and transmitter impairments. Transmit power is digitally controlled. The low-IF receiver architecture results in sensitivity to -80dBm or better, with impressive selectivity.
In normal applications, the EM198810 is connected to a low cost microcontroller(ex:EM78P451S).
In normal application The on-chip framer processes and stores the RF data in the background, unloading this critical timing function from the MCU. This lowers MCU speed requirements, expedites product development time, and frees the MCU for implementing additional product features.
The framer register settings determine the over-the-air formatting characteristics. Many configurations are possible, depending on the user’s specific needs. Raw transmit data is easily sent over-the-air as a complete frame of data, with preamble, address, payload, and CRC. Receiving data is just the opposite, using the preamble to train the receiver clock recovery, then the address is checked, then the data is reverse formatted for receive, followed by CRC. All of this is done in hardware to ease the programming and overhead requirements of the baseband MCU.
For longer battery life, power consumption is minimized by automatic enabling of the various transmit, receive, PLL, and PA sections, depending on the instantaneous state of the chip. A sleep mode is also provided for ultra low current consumption.
This product is available in 32-lead 5x5 mm JEDEC standard QFN package, featuring an exposed pad on the bottom for best RF characteristics. Lead-free RoHS compliant packaging is available on request.

The EM198810 is a CMOS integrated circuit that performs all functions from the antenna to the microcontroller for transmission and reception of a 2.4GHz digital data. This transceiver IC integrates most of the functions required for data transmission into a single integrated circuit. Additionally, the programmability implemented reduces significantly external components count, board space requirements and external adjustments.
Key Features
*Combines 2.4 GHz GFSK RF transceiver with 8-bit data framer function
*Eliminates need for external software or hardware FIFO; offloads MCU for other tasks
*Simple microprocessor interface – 4 wires for SPI, plus 3 wires for RST/buffer control
*Each transmit, receive buffer is 64 bytes deep
*Long packets are possible if buffers are read/written before overflow/underflow occurs
*Always 1Mbps over-the-air symbol rate, regardless of MCU speed or architecture
*Preamble can be 1 to 8 bytes
*Supports 1, 2, 3, or 4 word address (up to 64 bits)
*Various Payload data formats to eliminate DC offset, enhance receive clock recovery and BER
*Programmable data whitening
*Supports Forward Error Correction (FEC): none, 1/3, or 2/3
*Supports 16-bit CRC
*Baseband output clock available
*Power management for minimizing current consumption
*5x5mm QFN package with minimum RF parasitic
*Lead-free packaging and dice is available on request

*Wireless devices that need quick time-to-market
*Simple and fast wireless data networks
*Cordless headsets and Cellular Phones
*Wireless streaming audio
*Wireless voice and VOIP
*Wireless Skype earphone
*Home and factory automation
*Wireless security and access control
*Battery Powered wireless devices

EM198810W, EM198810H

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