* Available in a 40 ball lead-free RoHS compliant (4 x 4 x 0.9mm) VFBGA package
* Interface compliant with the UTMI specification (60MHz, 8-bit bidirectional interface)
* Only one required power supply (+3.3V)
* Supports 480Mbps Hi-Speed (HS) and 12Mbps Full Speed (FS) serial data transmission rates
* Integrated 45Ω and 1.5kΩ termination resistors reduce external component count
* Internal short circuit protection of DP and DM lines
* On-chip oscillator operates with low cost 24MHz crystal
* Latch-up performance exceeds 150mA per EIA/JESD 78, Class II
* ESD protection levels of 5kV HBM without external protection devices
* SYNC and EOP generation on transmit packets and detection on receive packets
* NRZI encoding and decoding
* Bit stuffing and unstuffing with error detection
* Supports the USB suspend state, HS detection, HS Chirp, Reset and Resume
* Support for all test modes defined in the USB 2.0 specification
* 55mA Unconfigured Current (typical) - ideal for bus powered applications.
* 83uA suspend current (typical) - ideal for battery powered applications.
* Industrial Operating Temperature -40oC to +85oC

The USB3290 is the ideal companion to any ASIC, SoC or FPGA solution designed with a UTMI Hi-Speed USB device (peripheral) core. The USB3290 is well suited for:

* Cell Phones
* MP3 Players
* Scanners
* External Hard Drives
* Digital Still and Video Cameras
* Portable Media Players
* Entertainment Devices
* Printers


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