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UVtron is an ultraviolet detector tube that uses the photoelectric effect of metal and gas multiplication effect of electric current by means of discharge. It has a very narrow range of
sensitivity from 185 nm to 300 nm and is completely insensitive to visible light. Because it used the discharge phenomenon, its sensitive is high and an adequate output voltage is obtained, making it possible to design a high-sensitivity, quick response ultraviolet detection with simple circuitry.
The UVtron reliably detects faint ultraviolet emissions from flames, making it ideal for applications such as fire alarms, arson surveillance, and burner combustion monitor devices.
The UVtron can also detect discharges such as corona discharges from high-voltage power transmission lines.

* Capability of Detecting Very Weak Ultraviolet Rays (from 1 pW)
* Not Sensitive to Visible and Infrared Light (Solar Blind Characteristics)
* High Reliability and long service life (10 000 hours of Continual Discharge Operation)
* High Speed Response (A Few Milliseconds)
* Low Current Operation
* Compact and Lightweight

* Combustion Monitoring Apparatus for Gas and Oil Burner
* Fire Alarm Apparatus
* Arson Watch Monitors
* Photoelectronic Counter
* Detection of Ultraviolet Ray Leakage
* Detection of Discharge Phenomenon


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