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  1. 2007/03/27 SN74ACT7805 - 256 × 18 CLOCKED FIRST-IN, FIRST-OUT MEMORY
* Member of the Texas Instruments WidebusE Family
* Free-Running Read and Write Clocks Can Be Asynchronous or Coincident
* Read and Write Operations Synchronized to Independent System Clocks
* Input-Ready Flag Synchronized to Write Clock
* Output-Ready Flag Synchronized to Read Clock
* 256 Words by 18 Bits
* Low-Power Advanced CMOS Technology
* Half-Full Flag and Programmable Almost-Full/Almost-Empty Flag
* Bidirectional Configuration and Width Expansion Without Additional Logic
* Fast Access Times of 12 ns With a 50-pF Load and All Data Outputs Switching Simultaneously
* Data Rates up to 67 MHz
* Pin-to-Pin Compatible With SN74ACT7803 and SN74ACT7813
* Packaged in Shrink Small-Outline 300-mil Package Using 25-mil Center-to-Center Spacing

The SN74ACT7805 is a 256-word × 18-bit clocked FIFO suited for buffering asynchronous data paths up to 67-MHz clock rates and 12-ns access times. Two devices can be configured for bidirectional data buffering without additional logic. Multiple distributed VCC and GND pins, along with Texas Instruments patented output edge control (OECE) circuit, dampen simultaneous switching noise.
 The write clock (WRTCLK) and read clock (RDCLK) are free running and can be asynchronous or coincident. Data is written to memory on the rising edge of WRTCLK when WRTEN1 is high, WRTEN2 is low, and IR is high. Data is read from memory on the rising edge of RDCLK when RDEN, OE1, and OE2 are low and OR is high.
 The first word written to memory is clocked through to the output buffer, regardless of the RDEN, OE1, and OE2 levels. The OR flag indicates that valid data is present on the output buffer. The FIFO can be reset asynchronously to WRTCLK and RDCLK. RESET must be asserted while at least four WRTCLK and four RDCLK rising edges occur to clear the synchronizing registers. Resetting the FIFO initializes the input-ready (IR), output-ready (OR), and half-full (HF) flags low and the almost-full/almost-empty (AF/AE) flag high. The FIFO must be reset upon power up.
 The SN74ACT7805 is characterized for operation from 0°C to 70°C.

SN74ACT7805DL 1M7805-15DLG4 SN74ACT7805-15DL SN74ACT7805-15DLR
SN74ACT7805-20DL SN74ACT7805-20DLR SN74ACT7805-25DL SN74ACT7805-25DLR   
SN74ACT7805-40DL SN74ACT7805-40DLR

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