The DN8797MS is a 3 V operation Hall IC which includes a Hall element, amplifier circuit, Schmidt circuit, stabilized power supply and temperature compensation circuit which are integrated on a single chip with a fine patterning technology. The magnetic input signal is outputted by being converted to high or low. We have improved the conventional circuit to realize a stable operation covering from low to high supply voltage and from low to high temperature.

*Wide operating supply voltage range (VCC = 2.7 V to 14.4 V)
*Wide operating ambient temperature (−40°C to +85°C)
*Package: Mini type (3-pin type) (1.1 mm thick: Same as a standard transistor)
*Eqipped with an output pull-up resistor (typical 56 kΩ)

*DC brushless motor, fan motor, rotation sensor, detection of cover open/close (example for a cellular phone), position sensor

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